Win $10,000 in the Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest

BetOnline's Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest

Winning $10,000 in the Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest isn’t just a dream; it’s a thrilling opportunity waiting for you at BetOnline.

Imagine the rush as the horses thunder down the track, the crowd roaring, and you, standing there with a winning ticket in hand, $10,000 richer.

Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!

This isn’t just about luck; it’s about strategy, passion, and the sheer excitement of one of the world's most prestigious horse racing events.

Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!

Picture this: It’s a sunny May afternoon, and you’ve spent the last few days poring over stats, past performances, and expert analyses.

You’ve watched replays, read up on the jockeys, and maybe even visited the stables. You know these horses like they’re your own.

The Preakness Stakes is the second jewel in the Triple Crown, a race that can make or break a champion. And you’re ready.

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The Exacta bet is where the magic happens.

You’re not just picking the winner; you’re predicting the top two finishers in the exact order. It’s a high-stakes bet that demands precision and a deep understanding of the sport.

But with BetOnline’s $10,000 Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest, the rewards match the risk.

It’s not just about the money—it’s about the glory, the bragging rights, the story you’ll tell for years to come.

Now, let’s talk strategy. Successful Exacta betting isn’t just about picking the favorites.

It’s about finding that perfect balance between a solid pick and a sleeper hit.

You need to study the form, watch how the horses perform under different conditions, and consider the jockeys' skills.

Sometimes, it’s about gut feeling—an instinct honed by years of following the sport. Other times, it’s about cold, hard data.

But always, it’s about the thrill.Think of it like this: betting on the Preakness Stakes is like playing chess at 40 miles per hour.

You need to anticipate moves, understand the competition, and stay ahead of the game. And with BetOnline, you’re not just placing a bet; you’re entering a contest that could see you walking away with $10,000.

That’s life-changing money, the kind of win that makes all the studying, the late nights, and the adrenaline worth it.

The Preakness Stakes has a rich history, filled with legendary horses and unforgettable moments.

From Secretariat’s incredible 1973 win to the heart-stopping finish of Rachel Alexandra in 2009, this race has seen it all.

And now, it’s your turn to be a part of that history.

With $10,000 on the line, every decision matters, every insight counts, and every race is a chance to change your life.

But beyond the stats and the strategies, there’s something deeply personal about betting on horse racing. It’s a connection to a sport that’s as old as time, a dance between man and beast that’s both beautiful and brutal.

The Preakness Stakes is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of this timeless bond, a moment when the best of the best come together to compete for glory.

So, why not take a chance? BetOnline’s $10,000 Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest is calling your name.

It’s your opportunity to dive into the excitement, put your knowledge to the test, and come out on top.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the sport, this contest is your ticket to a piece of the action, a shot at glory, and a chance to win big.

The horses are ready, the track is set, and the crowd is waiting. It’s time to make your move. P

lace your bets, trust your instincts, and get ready to win $10,000 in the Preakness Stakes 2024 Exacta Contest at BetOnline.

This is your moment. Seize it.

Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!

$10,000 Preakness Stakes Exacta Contest

Terms & Conditions

  • To register for the $10,000 Preakness Stakes Exacta Contest, you must be logged into your account and make your picks.
  • You are eligible to register for this contest up until 6:30 pm ET on Saturday, May 18th, 2024.
  • Once selections are submitted, answers can be changed any time until the entry deadline.
  • To qualify for a prize, you must place at least $10 in real-money wagers on the Racebook or in the Horse Racing section of the Sportsbook for the Preakness Stakes.
  • If you correctly select the First Place and Second Place finishers of the 149th Preakness Stakes, you will win a share of $5,000 in cash. If you correctly predict the first-place finisher but not the second-place finisher you will qualify for a share of $3,000 in cash.
  • If you correctly predict only the second-place finisher, you will collect a share of $2,000 in cash.
  • If multiple entrants correctly predict one of the above options, cash prizes will be split evenly among all winning accounts that placed their minimum bet of $10.
  • Official race results will be used to determine the First Place and Second Place finishers.
  • Horses designated DNF (did not finish) do not apply.
  • The winner (s) will receive their prize by Monday, May 20th, 2024, at 6:00 pm ET.
  • The $10,000 prize pool will be paid into player’s accounts as cash with no rollover requirement.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed. In the event that a player enters multiple times, only the first entry registered will be eligible for a prize.
  • BetOnline reserves the right to alter or amend the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without notice.

Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!Enter the BetOnline Contest HERE!

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