$10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor with Free Entry

Euro 2020 Predictor Soccer Contest

Enter the $10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor Soccer Contest at Sportsbetting.ag and turn your predictions into free sportsbook money.

Enter at BetOnline HEREEnter at BetOnline HERE

The EURO 2021 Soccer tournament is the highly awaited worldwide event starting this weekend. It was meant to go ahead last year but got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

There are 20 participating teams and you can have fun picking who you think will be the winner this time and earn some free sports betting funds at the same time wit the free to enter contest at Sportsbetting.ag sportsbook.

Turn your UEFA Euro 2020 predictions into free sportsbook funds when you bet the tournament at BetOnline or SportsBetting.

All you need to do is submit your answers and bet $25 on the Euro 2020 group stage games to qualify for the prizes and answer 10 questions to enter the $10,000 contest for free.

With $10,000 prize pool up for grabs and first prize valued at $1,000, there’s no better way to have some fun during the Euros!

Here's How to Play the $10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor

  1. Create an Account at BetOnline
  2. Fund Your Account
  3. Buy Your Entries
  4. Start Playing

Get your account and start playing today.


Terms of the $10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor

    1. To register for the $10,000 Euro 2020 Predictor, players must be logged into their account and make their picks for each of the 10 questions listed and the tie-breaker.
    2. You are eligible to register for this contest up until 3:00 pm ET on Friday, June 11th, 2021.
    3. Once selections are submitted, you may change your answers at any time up until the entry deadline.
    4. All players receive one point for each correct answer.
    5. To qualify for the prizes, you must bet $25 or more in real-money on the group stage games of the Euro 2020 tournament, either in one wager or a combination of wagers. Straight wagers only, parlays do not qualify.
    6. Wagers can be placed in the sportsbook or live betting.
    7. At the end of the contest, the players with the most points will win cash prizes based on the following prize chart:
Place Prize
1st $1,000.00
2nd $750.00
3rd $500.00
4th $400.00
5th $300.00
6th $250.00
7th $200.00
8th $170.00
9th $150.00
10th $130.00
11th-15th $110.00
16th-25th $90.00
26th-40th $80.00
41st-55th $70.00
56th-75th $60.00
76th-100th $50.00
  1. If various participants tie, the tie-breaker question will be used to determine the final standings of the contest. Participants will be ranked based on having the closest answer to the tie-breaker question.
  2. If there are ties after the tie-breaker is taken into account, winnings will be split along with the next lowest prize. IE: If two contestants tie for 4th Place, they will split the 4th and 5th Place prizes. The participant with the next highest total with win the 6th Place prize.
  3. Contest will be graded at the conclusion of the group stage of the Euro 2020 tournament.
  4. Winners will receive their prize within 72 hours of the conclusion of the Euro 2020 group stage.
  5. Winnings will be paid into each player’s account as cash and must be wagered at least three times before it is eligible for withdrawal.
  6. Only one entry per player is allowed. In the event that a player enters multiple times, only the first entry registered will be eligible for a prize.
  7. Sportsbetting reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions of this promotion at any time without notice.
Enter at BetOnline HEREEnter at BetOnline HERE
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