Swing for $25K Weekly with BetNow’s Grand Slam Contest!

BetNow's Grand Slam Contest!

As a fervent follower of the MLB and an enthusiast of the sports betting scene, I've encountered countless promotions and contests, each promising a slice of excitement and reward. However, BetNow's Grand Slam Contest stands out not just for its grandiose prize pool but for the thrilling challenge it presents to the baseball betting community.

With a staggering $25,000 up for grabs every week until the end of the regular MLB season, this contest doesn't just up the ante—it reinvents the game.

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The Grand Slam Contest: A Quick Overview

BetNow has set the stage for what might just be the most exhilarating contest of the MLB season. Participants are tasked with a seemingly straightforward challenge: select the straight-up winners from the 28 MLB games each week, with a tiebreaker thrown into the mix for added spice.

The contest rules are clear and fair, with only one entry per household allowed, ensuring an even playing field for all involved.

The Perfect Week: A Shot at $25,000

Imagine the thrill of picking the perfect week: every choice you make, from the underdogs to the expected victors, lands exactly as predicted, and you hit the tiebreaker total on the nose.

This isn't just a testament to your insight and strategy—it's a golden ticket to a $25,000 prize. And should this fortune befall multiple contestants, the grand prize is equally split, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the victory pie.

More Than Just the Grand Prize

What sets BetNow's Grand Slam Contest apart is its commitment to rewarding excellence beyond the ultimate perfect week.

The top 5 scoring clients each week receive consolation prizes, with the amounts determined by the volume of entries.

This not only incentivizes consistent participation but also keeps the competition fierce and engaging from the first pitch of the season to the last.

The Tiebreaker: Grand Salami

The contest's tiebreaker, affectionately known as the grand salami, is the total number of runs scored across all MLB games in a week. This adds a layer of strategy to your picks, compelling you to consider not just the winners but the potential run dynamics of each matchup.

It's a brilliant twist that elevates the contest from a simple selection game to a nuanced strategic battle.

How to Swing Your Way In

Participation in the Grand Slam Contest is as seamless as it is enticing. Active clients of BetNow can enter free of charge, a gesture that underscores the company's appreciation for its community.

For those not yet active, getting in on the action is just a call or a click away, with no rollovers attached to the contest entry.

Personal Reflections and Strategy Tips

Having dived into the contest myself, I found the experience to be a thrilling extension of the MLB season.

Each week presents a new puzzle, with the dynamics of the games offering a fresh set of challenges to decipher.

My tip for aspiring winners is to not just follow the odds but to consider the context of each game: the pitchers, the team form, even the weather, can all influence the outcome and, by extension, your picks.

Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, BetNow's Grand Slam Contest is not just a promotional event; it's a season-long celebration of the MLB, bringing together the community of fans and bettors in a contest of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck.

With $25,000 on the line each week, it's a call to all who love the game to test their mettle, make their picks, and perhaps, swing their way to a significant payday.

BetNow MLB Grand Slam Contest

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Contest Rules

  • Will start with the regular MLB season.
  • Only one entry per household is allowed.
  • The contestant who picks the perfect week—meaning that all picks for that week won with the exact tiebreaker total—will win $25,000.
  • If more than one person wins the grand prize of $25,000, the prize will be equally split among the winners.
  • Consolation prizes will be given out weekly to the top 5 scoring clients. In case of a tie, the prize will be equally split among the winners. The monetary amount for consolation prizes is based on the amount of entries.
  • All house MLB rules will apply to complete games.
  • Canceled games are given no points and are counted as a loss.
  • The tiebreaker will be the grand salami for the given week. The tiebreaker (grand salami) is the total # of runs scored during the entire week.
  • The customer needs to pick the straight-up winner, not against the line.
  • No rollover attached.
  • You must be an active client of BN. As an active client, you can enter this contest for free!! If you’re not active, get active today by calling 1-844-U-BETNOW (1-844-823-8669)
  • If you’re not a BetNow member, make a deposit online at www.BetNow.eu

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How do I sign up for the MLB Grand Slam Contest?

To sign up for the contest, visit the BetNow website or download the mobile app. Navigate to the MLB Grand Slam Contest page, where you can make predictions and submit your entry.

Can I change my predictions after submitting them?

Unfortunately, once you have submitted your predictions, they cannot be changed. Make sure to carefully consider your choices before finalizing your entry.

How will winners be determined?

Winners will be determined based on the number of correct predictions made throughout the season. The participant with the most accurate predictions will be awarded the weekly prize, and second—and third-place winners will also receive prizes.

Will I be notified if I win?

Yes! Depending on the contact information provided during sign-up, winners will be notified via email or phone.

Can I play the MLB Grand Slam Contest on my mobile device?

Absolutely! BetNow has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows you to easily access the contest and make your predictions on the go.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity as a baseball fan. Join the MLB Grand Slam Contest, test your skills, and immerse yourself in the excitement of America's favorite pastime. Good luck!

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