Claim the Crown: BetNow NFL King of the Hill Conte …

BetNow NFL King of the Hill Contest

$10,000 in prizes every week with a $20,000 GRAND prize and an additional $30,000 in cash prizes

Entry to the NFL King of the Hill Contest is entirely FREE.

  • Step 1: Create and fund your account.
  • Step 2: Log into your account and register a nickname in the Contest section. Your nickname will be used to track your winning picks.
  • Step 3: Fill out the NFL Weekly Pick'Em Entry every week of the regular season.
  • Step 4: Track your progress weekly in the contest leaderboard.

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* If you do not create a nickname or miss the contest cut-off date (September 9, 2023), you may still participate every week; fill out your NFL Weekly Pick'Em Entry, and your results will be registered using your account, giving you a chance that week to win up to $10,000 in cash prizes.

Contest Details.

If you pick all the winning teams for the week and the tiebreaker, you automatically win $10,000! If no perfect entry is received, then consolation prizes will be given out to participants.

Each winning pick is awarded one point. All points accumulate throughout the 18 weeks of the regular season.

The player with the most points will be the NFL King of the Hill and will be awarded the $20,000 Grand Prize. Participants that place from 2nd-30th will distribute $30,000 in cash prizes.

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Win Big and Reign Supreme: BetNow's NFL King of the Hill Contest Delivers Thrills and Prizes

Football is more than just a sport to many fans; it is a way of life. That passion and dedication drive millions to watch games, analyze statistics, and even put their knowledge to the test through various competitions.

For NFL enthusiasts eager to prove their expertise, BetNow has introduced the thrilling “NFL King of the Hill” contest, allowing fans to claim the crown and be named the ultimate NFL expert.

What is the NFL King of the Hill Contest?

The NFL King of the Hill Contest is an exhilarating competition organized by BetNow, a leading online sportsbook platform. It allows football fans to compete against each other by making accurate predictions about weekly NFL games.

How Does the Contest Work?

Every week, participants will have the chance to make their predictions for the upcoming NFL games.

The objective is to accumulate the most correct predictions weekly and maintain the highest overall score throughout the season. Contestants will receive one point for every correct selection they make.

As the name suggests, contestants will aim to climb to the top of the leaderboard, where the reigning “King of the Hill” resides. The contestant with the highest score at the end of the NFL season will be crowned the ultimate NFL expert and receive a grand cash prize.

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What Makes this Contest Unique?

What sets the NFL King of the Hill Contest apart from other prediction challenges is the level of competition and the grand prize at stake.

With football fans' extensive knowledge and passion for the game, the contest offers a platform to showcase their expertise and compete against other passionate fans.

Additionally, the contest is open to experienced bettors and casual fans, making it inclusive.

Benefits of Participating

Participating in the NFL King of the Hill Contest carries several advantages beyond the thrill of the competition itself.

Firstly, contestants can demonstrate their football expertise and prove they possess an advanced understanding of the game.

Furthermore, contestants can engage with other passionate football fans, sharing insights and discussing predictions.

This sense of community adds a layer of enjoyment to the contest, as participants can connect with like-minded individuals who share their love for the sport.


1. How do I participate in the NFL King of the Hill Contest?

To participate in the contest, you must first create an account on the BetNow platform. Once you have an account, you can access the contest, make your predictions, and compete against other participants.

2. Is there an entry fee for the contest?

No, the NFL King of the Hill Contest is free to enter. You simply need to create an account on BetNow to start competing.

3. Can I join the contest after the NFL season has started?

Yes, you can join the contest even if the NFL season has already begun. However, keep in mind that joining late may put you at a disadvantage, as other participants will have already accumulated points.

4. Do I have to place bets to participate in the contest?

No, the NFL King of the Hill Contest is solely focused on making accurate predictions. You do not need to place any bets to participate.

5. Can I track my progress throughout the contest?

Yes, BetNow provides a leaderboard that updates regularly, allowing you to track your progress and see where you stand among other participants.

In conclusion, the NFL King of the Hill Contest offered by BetNow presents an exciting opportunity for football fans to test their knowledge, engage with other enthusiasts, and potentially win a grand cash prize.

Whether you are a seasoned bettor or simply a passionate fan, this contest offers an unparalleled platform to showcase your expertise and claim the crown as the ultimate NFL expert.

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