How Much Do Online Casinos Make?

How Much Do Online Casinos Make

Just how Much do online casinos make – an argument people often make against playing at a casino is ‘the house never loses'.

This means that no matter what happens, the casino is always going to make money. 

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However, how much does this apply to the online casino world?

There are thousands of online casinos out there. Do they all make money?

Well, answering how much an online casino makes is akin to answering ‘how long is a piece of string?'

There is no right answer.

How Much Do Online Casinos Make on average?

Estimates indicate that an online casino, on average, will make around $73,000 a day.

However, this doesn't mean all online casinos are hitting that figure. Some online casinos may make much more, while others are well into the loss-making territory.

Let's go into a bit more depth on this. This way you will know why some online casinos make more cash than others.

Is An Online Casino Profitable?

A new online casino is unlikely to be profitable. It can often cost millions of dollars in marketing before the site even begins to turn a profit. Unless you have a ton of cash at your disposal, it is going to be an uphill battle.

You have to remember that online casinos will need to have a sizeable sum of cash before they even get started. This allows them to cover licensing, site development, and covering any cash they need to pay their users.

An online casino has the opportunity to be profitable, but not right away. It is just like any other business.

How Do Online Gambling Sites Make Money?

Online gambling sites make money by attracting as many people to their sites as possible. They then have to hope the gamblers lose more than they win. That's all there is to it.

If you are paying more in winnings than is being deposited into the site, you won't make much cash at all.

Many online casinos will have special bonuses that encourage people to gamble more than normal. This is in the hope that the gambler ends up making a loss (while also feeling that they are appreciated).

Some of the larger online casinos will also sell merchandise to their customers. However, this will be a very small fraction of their business.

Is Owning a Casino Profitable?

Eventually. An online casino, and a physical casino, wouldn't be profitable until it has a rather sizeable number of customers. This is because the vast majority of gamblers will lose more money than they win.

 Even then, profits won't be too high. The average profit margin for a casino is between 1% and 2%. 

What Costs Are Involved In Running An Online Casino?

Lots. This is assuming that the online casino is a legit casino.

All online casinos will need to be licensed in the areas that they operate. This will cost cash.

Of course, the online casino industry is incredibly crowded. This means that online casinos will also need to go to huge lengths to market themselves. This can cost thousands of dollars per day.

Having games on the site won't be cheap either. The online casino will have to pay a licensing fee for all of the games they have on their site.

Then they have site security costs, hosting costs, and staffing costs.

This is before you even factor in the amount of money they need to be dishing out as winnings.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

No. Well, sometimes. If you are gambling at a fully licensed casino, then they will not be rigged. This is because these casinos will have to regularly undergo code inspections to ensure they are being fair to their customers.

There are some sites that will rig their slots. This ensures that they will always make a profit.

However, thankfully, it should be pretty easy to avoid those websites. If they do not have a legit license from a reputable licensing board, then you should be avoiding them.

Pros of Running An Online Casino

  • It can be a fun experience
  • If you are able to break through the early days, it can end up being incredibly profitable.
  • An online casino scales well. Many big online casinos will have different branded sites to cater to different niches.

Cons Of Running An Online Casino

  • It is an expensive business to crack into
  • There are a lot of competing sites out there. If you are not offering something different, you won't make money.
  • Most online casinos will never make a profit.
  • You have to be fully licensed, or you are potentially operating your site illegally.


  • Online casinos do not make as much cash as you may think.
  • Sure. There may be sites out there making millions.
  • However, the vast majority of smaller online casinos are barely making enough to make ends meet. Some are not even making a profit.

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