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It is fair to say that the world of sports betting has some pretty terrible sites out there. In fact, it is not all that uncommon to be the victim of a scam, at least if you don't know what you are looking for in a sportsbook. So, it is fair that you are wondering whether the BetNow sportsbook is legit. Let's help you out. We love to help people out.

Is The BetNow Sportsbook Legit?

Yes. BetNow is a licensed sportsbook. It has been licensed in Curacao, which is one of the top sports betting licensing issuers in the world.

What does a license mean? Well, it means that the sportsbook has to live up to some pretty strict standards. Their business processes are strictly regulated, and if there are any issues (which there rarely will be), the sportsbook and the customer are able to talk to the licensing body to come to a resolution. In most cases, the licensing body will favor the customer.

Whenever you are gambling online, you always need to ensure that any online sportsbook that you gamble at is licensed. If it isn't, then you need to give it a skip. You have absolutely no protections otherwise.

What Are The BetNow Sports Betting Choices

BetNow Sportsbook Basketball betting

While has a domain name based in the European Union, the bulk of the focus for the site is on the NFL. You can this when you land on their website. Most of the promos are based on NFL betting.

NFL betting isn't the only thing that they have available here, though. Oh no. You can dive into pretty much any major sport (as well as some of the smaller ones). Both big and small leagues are well-represented on the site.

At any one time, you will find hundreds of different games to bet on. Each of these games will have dozens of potential bets that you can make. It is fair to say that ensures that their gamblers are going to be well-catered for.

How We Rate The BetNow Live Betting Feature

BetNow offers live betting on the following sports:

  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Baseball

Somewhat frustratingly, while does have one of the best living betting systems we have seen at a modern online bookie, it can be tricky to find. This is because it has been separated out into its own section of the website. With other sportsbooks, you would normally find it alongside the other betting odds. Still, once you have worked out that offers live betting online, it isn't too tricky to find and you will see why it has been separated out.

It is clear that BetNow has a great team working on its user interface design. Their live system makes it incredibly simple to place your bets. Even if you are playing on your mobile device, it is easy to find the bets that you want. We love how quick it is to place a bet, which means that you are always going to be able to jump in at the right betting odds. Although, there are various protections to ensure that your bet doesn't go through if the odds have magically gotten a lot worse since that bet was adding to your slip.

When you are live betting, you will love the fact that there are always dozens of bets available for every single game. You can even build up a couple of parlays on the live betting side of things if you really want.

If this wasn't enough to sell you on the idea of live betting with BetNow, you will also be pleased to know that the betting odds for live betting are great too. We often compare live betting odds among online sportsbooks, and we find that BetNow has the better odds 99% of the time.

Get the Betnow BonusGet the Betnow Bonus

The Highlights Of The BetNow Sportsbook

While the live betting and sports betting options at BetNow at the top of their game, as you can imagine, you can also find a ton of other things to enjoy on the platform. We are going to go through all of them in this section. Or, at least we are going to go through the highlights.

Betting Odds

As we said before, the betting odds that you get to enjoy on the live betting side of things are among the best around. However, this doesn't mean that the betting odds on the pre-game betting isn't good. It is. In fact, it is just as great.

One of the things that we do enjoy about BetNow is that they are a small (but not too small) betting company. This means that they do not have the massive overheads that some of the bigger companies have. This means that they have smaller profit margins on their bets, which translates to far better odds.

We won't tell you that has the best gambling odds all of the time. That would be a lie, and we are not really in the habit of lying. However, it is fair to say that the odds are good enough for most casual bettors to call this their only gambling website, and regular gamblers probably wouldn't really need to look anywhere other than this platform for 80% of the bets that they place.

Bonuses ; Promotions

The main bonus to take advantage of at is the welcome bonus. Your initial deposit will be matched 150%. During major events (e.g. The World Cup and Super Bowl), the company tends to offer free bets too, including regular gamblers. Outside of the major events, you may also find the odd enhanced odds promotion for a couple of prop bets.

There are re-up bonuses that can give you up to 25% of your deposit back in bonus cash, and there are a few crypto-only bonuses here and there.

We aren't done yet either! On top of all of this, there is a loyalty program. Each and every bet that you place on the site will give you loyalty points. You can then trade these loyalty points into even more cool bonuses…which is fantastic. We really do love those sportsbooks that reward people for playing and having fun.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals will be your standard fare. So, you have debit/credit cards and bank withdrawals.

Where the site really shines, however, is the inclusion of plenty of cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. In fact, if you have crypto, or buy some crypto, this is probably going to be the best way to get cash in and out of your account. Withdrawals are fast (sometimes instant) and do not attract any fees. You will also find that there are specific bonuses tied into the BetNow crypto deposit options, which means that you can enjoy even more cash to play about with on the site!

We have found the withdrawal (and deposit) process to be pretty smooth sailing. You will be asked for ID the first time that you make a reasonably-sized withdrawal. This is for anti-money laundering purposes, and this is the type of thing that you would be dealing with whether you are gambling with or somebody else.

Mobile Gambling

Finally, you have some great mobile gambling options available. While there is, sadly, no mobile app, you do have a pretty solid mobile gambling website. It is easy to play on your mobile device, and you will even be able to enjoy live betting from your mobile phone.

Get the Betnow BonusGet the Betnow Bonus

BetNow Sportsbook Pros ; Cons

Now that we have gone through the bulk of this review, it is time for us to discuss the pros and cons of the site.


  • Good betting odds
  • Good selection of sports
  • Big and small leagues covered
  • Solid live gambling options


  • No mobile app
  • Missing some of the smaller sports e.g darts and swimming.


BetNow is a 100% legit online sportsbook. Anybody that games here is going to have fun and be safe when they do so.

BetNow is one of our preferred bookmakers, simply because they know how to make the online gambling experience a good one. Right from the bonuses all the way through to the betting odds and sport selection, BetNow is nigh on perfect.

Check out today. You won't be disappointed. Don't forget to use our link to ensure that you can get your hands on the best betting bonuses on the platform.

Get the Betnow BonusGet the Betnow Bonus