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$1,000 Welcome Bonus/ Reduced Juice Odds

5 / 5

We found our Looselines user experience to be very staisfied with a good choice of welcome bonuses, payment methods and Reduced Juice lines a main draw for our wagers.

  • Established 1998
  • License Curaçao eGaming
  • Country Costa Rica
  • Bonus $1000 Maximum
  • Reduced Juice sportsbook
  • US Players Welcome
  • Competitive Odds
  • Live Betting
  • Crypto Banking
  • No Live Streaming
  • Some country restrictions

Looselines Sportsbook Review 2024 – How do the Bonus, Features, and Odds shape up?

Looselines Sportsbook Review

The Looselines Sportsbook is hardly the biggest in the world. It is probably a name that hasn't even crossed the lips of many avid gamblers.

However, to us, that is a good thing.

You see, we have gambled a lot in our time—a lot.

We have always found that the smallest sportsbooks are the best to play at.

Bet at LooselinesBet at Looselines

We can't wait to tell you about the Looseline Sportsbook in this review.


One thing that we don't do here often is review unlicensed sportsbooks.

In most countries, licensing is required to run a sportsbook. If you don't, you are operating outside the realms of the law. It's never a good thing. We are making an exception for the Looselines Sportsbook.

Looselines is located in Costa Rica, which has no licensing system in place.

This means that it is impossible for the company to get licensed to operate. It doesn't mean that it is unsafe. Not like the other unlicensed sportsbooks. It can't get what is impossible, right?

Now, we know that this lack of licensing thing may put some people off.

However, it shouldn't do. Not with Looselines.

If you read most Looseline Sportsbook reviews online, you will see that this company genuinely cares about the experience it offers its customers.

It is a 100% safe place to gamble, and there are many ways to contact them.

Outside of this, the Looselines Sportsbook is an extensive online sportsbook jam-packed with fantastic events to gamble on.

Unlike other sportsbooks, it doesn't get bogged down by having a casino or anything like that.

This is about pure sports, and as you will see throughout this Looseline Sportsbooks review, this works to their advantage.

Bet at LooselinesBet at Looselines

Sign-Up Offers

Ever since it appeared in 1998, the Looselines Sportsbook has tried to do things differently from other online sportsbooks.

This means that you won't find welcome offers here.

There is the odd bonus where you can recommend a friend and get cash to gamble with, but none of the traditional betting bonus stuff.

However, there is one thing that you can enjoy as an incentive for signing up (amongst the other things that the side provides).

The main sign-up offer is reduced juice on the betting odds, although we would argue that this isn't really a sign-up bonus since you will always be taking advantage of that when you are gambling at the Looselines Sportsbook.

The same is true for other bonuses. There are parlay boosts and boosted teaser payouts, for instance. Of these, you can take advantage of it long after you have signed up for Looselines. It is not a one-and-done bonus.

You may occasionally notice a cash bonus for signing up, similar to other sportsbooks' matched deposit bonuses.

However, these are not all that common. It seems that Looselines would much rather focus on a great play experience and keep their odds low.

Bet at LooselinesBet at Looselines

Key Features

There are a few great things about the Looselines Sportsbook that we are eager to point out in this Looselines Sportsbook Review, so let's take a look!

Sports Selection

We read a few other Looselines reviews which claimed that the selection of sports is quite underwhelming.

If you are used to the dazzle of the big sites, it may be. However, there is a reason why Looselines keeps the selection of sports slim.

This is the simple fact that a limited selection of sports means better odds.

It means they can focus heavily on one of the best parts of their site, and they do that well. We will discuss that in the next key features section.

For now, let's highlight the sports available at Looselines Sportsbook.

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Fighting
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Motor Racing
  • Horses
  • Cycling
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

There are also some political bets, and if a major event occurs in a minor sport, then those betting odds may appear too.

As you can see, the sports selection is nowhere close to what some other massive sportsbooks offer, but does it matter?

All the main ones are there. It is enough to attract gamblers while not being so over the top that the site misses out on being able to offer great odds.

Betting Odds

We don't want to go too heavily into how betting odds work here. However, we must point out something called vig, also known as ‘juice.'

This is essentially the profit margin that the sportsbook makes on each bet. This way, no matter the outcome of an event, the sportsbook makes some money.

The higher the vig or juice, the less money you can make from a bet.

So, obviously, you want it to be as low as possible. This is what Looselines strives for.

It is a major part of their marketing plan.

They repeatedly claim that their juice is kept low to ensure their customers have the chance to win some serious cash.

This works, and it works really well.

So much so that the Looselines Sportsbook does have some of the best odds in the business most of the time.

It is always our first port of call when we are looking to place bets. They can't always get it right (that's the nature of gambling), but the fact they get it right 80-90% of the time is absolutely astonishing!

Live Betting

Looselines doesn't have the largest live betting scene, mostly to help keep that juice as low as possible, but all of the major events will be covered.

Sometimes, you may not be able to bet on anything other than the moneyline, but that's cool.

This is what the vast majority of gamblers seem to prefer when they are doing their live betting stuff anyway, so it isn't a major problem!

How to Get Started and Login

If you can access the Looselines Sportsbook website, then you can sign-up.

All you need to do is hit that ‘Join' button in the top right-hand corner and follow the instructions.

You will need to tap in a few basic pieces of information, e.g., your name, address, etc. but nothing too crazy.

Once you have registered, you can make your first deposit using the ‘cashier' link (more on deposit methods soon).

You can use your account to log in on both the desktop and mobile versions of the website. Hit the ‘Login' button to do that.

Bet at LooselinesBet at Looselines

Betting App

There is no betting app for the Looselines Sportsbook, and we doubt there ever will be.

This is because most online bookies are now moving away from betting apps. Instead, they are developing great mobile websites that are incredibly simple for their customers to access.

The Looselines Sportsbook works just as well on your mobile device as it does if you were loading it up on the computer.

The site works smoothly, and everything will be simple to read. Sure, you don't have a convenient app to click, but we find that often ends up much more cumbersome with all the updates anyway.

Looselines Banking Methods

There are two methods for getting cash into your account: crypto or credit/debit card.

There are also bank transfers, but you have to call Looselines to initiate that, so it is a bit more difficult.

While crypto is the best way to deposit, there is a $2 fee for each deposit. We are never fans of this happening. It eats into our profits.

Withdrawals are through crypto and bank transfers.


There is no online casino at Looselines. It seems that this is one of the only online sportsbooks nowadays that hasn't gone down that route. We suppose it helps to keep the betting odds as great as possible, right?

Pros ; Cons

Pros of the Looseline Sportsbook

  • Competitive betting odds
  • Live betting
  • Good mobile website
  • All the popular sports covered

Cons of the Looseline Sportsbook

  • Fee for deposits
  • No welcome bonus

Final Thoughts

The Looseline Sportsbook does a lot of things that other sportsbooks don't do.

It ditches the idea of welcome bonuses, and it even keeps the sports selection to a minimum, but you know what?

All of that works to the site's advantage. Our goal in sports betting is to make as much cash as possible, and Looselines allows that.

Top site. Check it out.

Bet at LooselinesBet at Looselines


Is Looselines Sportsbook Legit and Safe?

Yes. Looselines have been around for over 20 years. You are safe if you gamble here.

Is Looselines Sportsbook Licensed?

No. Since the site operates from Costa Rica, it does not have a license. There is no licensing system there.

Who owns the Looselines sportsbook?

Jazz Sports, a prominent gambling provider from Costa Rica, owns Looselines.

Where is Looselines sportsbook based?

Looselines is based in Costa Rica. It offers gambling services around the world.

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