Betanysports promotions Rated – are they worth taking?

Betanysports promotions rated and Reviewed is a secure online betting platform featuring props and lines betting on major sports, as well as horse race betting markets. Aside from offering customer support and a safe online gambling option, Betanysports also has some promotions that are worth looking into.

From the Betanysports cash bonus promotion to the rebate program, refer a friend promo, and more, account holders have several options for rewards.

But are each of these Betanysports promotions worth the time and investment?

In today’s guide, we’ll be highlighting 5 Betanysports online promotions, along with their associated terms.

We will also share our rating out of 5 for each of these promos and give our final verdict at the end to provide a clearer picture.

Let’s get into the guide!

Sports Betting Promotions at Betanysports

  • Betanysports 25% Cash Bonus
  • The Betanysports Less Juice Promotional Offer
  • Betanysports Rebate Program
  • Betanysports House Money Program
  • Refer a Friend Promotion at Betanysports

Betanysports 25% Cash Bonus

Betanysports features a relatively large deposit-based bonus offer for sports bettors.

The cash bonus lets eligible bettors earn up to $500 in bonus money (a 25% bonus) depending on the amount they deposit into the sportsbook.

To qualify, sports bettors must deposit between $25 and $2,000.

Players must also contact Betanysports and request the bonus offer within 24 hours of making an accepted deposit and meet the 6x rollover requirement.

The bonus has a 30-day hold.

Our Rating – 3/5

We give this Betanysports bonus offer a rating of 3/5 due to its relatively high cash bonus value and relatively low rollover requirement.

The main downsides to the bonus are the 30-day hold and the hoops players must jump through by contacting support in order to request it.

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The Betanysports Less Juice Package

Another prominent promotion at Betanysports – which also happens to be the site’s default sports promo – is the reduced juice offer (limit $1-$500).

This is when players get the chance to pay only half price on certain sports betting markets, from college basketball to NFL games, NHL, MLB, and more.

Highlights of the bonus include:

  • 10 cent money lines, sides, and totals for football and basketball
  • Major League Baseball overnight 5 cent lines
  • MLB 10 cent run lines and 10 cent totals

The offer doesn't apply when it comes to teaser bets, parlays, or if bets.

When you open a new account at Betanysports, you will be automatically opted into this bonus, unless you specifically request a different one.

Our Rating – 4/5

We feel that the less juice package deserves a 4/5 rating due to its ease of use, convenience, and simpler terms. It seems to be a more worthwhile promotion if you want to really get your money’s worth on sports bets.

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Betanysports Rebate Program

Next up is the Betanysports rebate program that players can make use of just once every 30 days.

The offer – which is a $1 minimum rebate capped at 25% – may come as a 5%/10%/25% cash rebate on all eligible betting losses.

The 5% rebate option is daily, the 10% rebate option is weekly, and the 25% rebate option is monthly.

Like the cash bonus, the cash rebate must be specifically requested by a player.

Our Rating – 3/5

We give the Betanysports cash rebate promotion a rating of 3/5 because it is less convenient than the less juice package.

You have to specifically request this promo and aren’t guaranteed it. Furthermore, the bonus is relatively low in value, and the higher value options are scarce.

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Betanysports House Money Program

The Betanysports house money promotion is a deposit-based offer for sports bettors.

Players who contact Betanysports customer support and request this package may be eligible for it.

It entails a free deposit following 6 successful, eligible deposits after joining the promotional program.

Further, players need to have lost the full amount of their prior 6 deposits to be eligible for the 7th house money deposit, which is an average of your previous 6 deposits.

This bonus has a $25-$5,000 deposit limit and a 1x rollover requirement attached.

Our Rating – 2/5

Yet another bonus that players must specifically request to opt into, this offer is a bit inconvenient for bettors.

Although it has a low 1x rollover requirement, it does require quite a large investment (minimum of $150 in total) to get to the point where you receive house money.

We give it a 2/5 rating.

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Betanysports Refer a Friend Promotion

Last but not least is Betanysports’ referral promotion, which is a 10% cash reward. When you refer a friend to join the bookmaker and they make their first deposit, you can get a reward worth 10% of that friend’s deposit.

The main catch is that you have to claim the reward within 24 hours of your referred friend’s deposit.

Furthermore, the reward is capped at $100.

Our Rating – 4/5

Although this promotion does require quick action, we like it because it is a low-investment way to get a nice little betting reward.

We rate it at 4/5 for its simplicity and reliability, although it’s not a huge bonus offer.

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Overall Verdict and Summary – Betanysports Promotions

Betanysports promotions have a slightly different setup when compared to other online bookmakers.

While the default less juice promotion is likely the best offer at this site, you can also request to change your account to other bonuses, such as the cash bonus or sports rebate package.

In any event, you can always avail of the friend referral program!

Be sure to refer to our ratings of the Betanysports promotions before joining the bookmaker.