Top 4 Football Betting Sites

Football Betting Sites

Bet Your Best Foot Forward: Football Betting Sites

Football is one of the sports patronized internationally and has been one of the most popular subjects for wagers. Betting across the globe has defied the different times zones of the customers as well as the football games.

Here are some of the football betting sites that would definitely match one’s football betting needs!

Take note that the sportsbooks are in no particular order as the quality of Sportsbooks may depend on the sports and the customer’s own preferences:

1. 5Dimes

5Dimes, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, is one of the duly-recognized football betting
sites and has been up in the online business for a decade. Options for betting are close to boundless- straights, totals, parlays, teasers, open parlays, open teasers, and progressive parlays are just a portion of this far-reaching feature.

This betting service is definitely a game changer among other online sportsbooks.

It also has a minimum deposit of only $50 and an online deposit of only $0.50 making it a beginner-friendly and recreational-friendly site.

Also, 5Dimes is known to post the earliest odds- even before other sites can post theirs.

2. BetOnline

BetOnile, situated in Panama, is one of the biggest names in the betting industry and has been operating since 2001. It may not attract beginners at first because its ultimate goal is getting customers for keeps – a long term relationship awaits as well as stunning privileges for loyal wagers.

A lifetime guaranteed 25% bonus is given to all qualifying deposits.

It is open to wagers across the globe and caters to all sporting events. Aside from the good track record when it comes to payouts, their customer service is of high quality- prioritizing it more than its sales. Their staff is of good disposition and right attitude.

This site is definitely a choice for both new and experienced customers particularly for high wagering limits and re-bet options.

3. William Hill

Based in the UK, this is considered as one of the best betting sites for football particularly in the United Kingdom. William Hill offers a wide variety of affordable lines that may match the preferences of the customers.

4. ComeOn!

Established in 2008, it has been gaining good reputation in the business.

What sets this site apart from others is the multiple-currency banking options.

In addition to that, generous bonus offers, wide variety of sports markets, and an efficient in-play betting and mobile setting powered by seamless software are just some of its distinct characteristics.

Multi-platform casinos and revolution gaming networked poker would also definitely complete the package.

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