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It was Sunday, January 3, 2021 – a date that will go down in the annals of live gaming as Betonline payouts almost 200k on a 21 hand.

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A blackjack enthusiast from New England, identifying himself with the handle of “KJT,” stepped up to a virtual blackjack table at Live Casino Red, part of the expansive BetOnline gaming destination. Little did he know that he would be a party to an historic event.

On one of his hands, with a $30 wager on the table, he was dealt a pair of sevens, while the dealer gave herself a six. Proper Basic Strategy should have dictated that he split the hand in that situation. But KJT decided not to do that.

WHY, you ask?

For the best reason of all, as it turns out.

If you were watching the proceedings – something that is quite possible if you are participating in a game at the live casino, which features actual dealers – you'd understand right away. The dealer stopped the game for a moment and alerted the pit boss of the possibility that something special could happen.

And wouldn't you know it – something DID happen.

You see, those sevens were both of the same suit, specifically diamonds and when a player is in the live dealer casino at BetOnline, if at any time that individual is dealt three sevens that are of the Diamond suit, he or she is the winner of the Diamond Super 7s Progressive Jackpot which has the potential of enriching any patron more than they could ever imagine.

So the stage was set, and KJT waited in anticipation as officials were alerted in the brick-and-mortar location that functions as the setting for the live casino, as the video is seen by players through their online connections.

And then the next card was dealt out of the six-deck shoe.

It was another Seven of Diamonds, which probably couldn't have been met with more excitement by the casino personnel.

KJT was obviously the most excited of all, as he realized the progressive jackpot payout, which amounted to $198,218.

Afterward, he celebrated. And meanwhile, the jackpot went back to its restart, which varies but in this particular case was $65,890.

Would you like to experience a life-changing moment like KJT did?

Well, all you have to do is come into Live Casino Red at BetOnline, and enter one of the live blackjack games, manned by dealers “in the flesh,” which offers the Diamond Super 7s Progressive Jackpot.

All that is required from there is to put forward a $1 ante wager for any hand in which you want to be qualified to win the progressive. A portion of that money is put into the pool from which the jackpot is paid. And, it should be mentioned, the restart amount is based on how much in the way of antes they have at any given time, so there could be something very lucrative even as it kicks off into another cycle.

And even if you “almost” get there, don't despair – there are other prizes you can win. For instance, if you are dealt three red 7s (which would include hearts), you'll win the “Mid Prize” worth $1,000. The “Mini Prize” of $100 is yours if you are dealt three 7s of ANY suit.

There's a lot of tremendous live dealer blackjack action to be had at BetOnline's Live Casino Red, a unique operation where you can play through your computer screen or mobile device in real time against live actual dealers at a brick-and-mortar location, using a high-definition video feed and software powered by the innovative folks at Visionary iGaming (ViG).

You can partake in roulette, baccarat and Super 6, along with a host of Blackjack HD games and ViG's special variation called Blackjack Early Payout, which offers a twist you're sure to enjoy.

The dealers are fantastic – they'll chat with you and walk you through the games if you want. And they'll be the first to congratulate you when you hit big!

You can find out more, in addition to the running jackpot totals, by visiting

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