BetPop Sportsbook Review

Welcome to our BetPop sportsbook review – discover more about the betting site's welcome bonus for new players and the stand out features.

If you’re looking for proof that sportsbooks are exploding in popularity in the United States, look no further than YouWager sportsbook and BetPop. Just five years after YouWager launched in Europe, it tailored a new sportsbook sister site, BetPop, for an American sports betting audience. It then added another called Achubet which caters for the Vietnamese and Chinese betting audience.

Yes, sportsbooks now have offshoots that are also sportsbooks.

To be fair, BetPop was a bit ahead of its time. Since 2018, when states were allowed to legalize sports betting if they choose, the sheer number of sportsbooks and bettors online is eye-popping.

Americans spent an estimated $3 billion on sports bets just in October 2020 alone, the American Gaming Association reports. Sports betting revenue is up nearly 54% to $240 million.

It’s clear Americans love their sportsbooks, but should they love BetPop, especially in an increasingly crowded market? Here’s our BetPop sportsbook review.

Online Betting Experience

BetPop Sportsbook Login screen

BetPop Sportsbook Login Home screen layout

BetPop started life as Payoffs Plus in the late 1990s — and the site retains some of that old-school design. It’s pretty bare-bones compared to other online sportsbooks, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Everything you need is organized well on BetPop's homepage: the list of available sports, highlights of the day’s biggest games, a link to promotions at the top. It’s straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

It’s also a bit basic. It would help to have the now-customary virtual betting slip feature on the homepage and there’s a distinct lack of personality and uniqueness throughout.

Still, it’s easy enough to find a game you’re interested in — and that’s what often matters most to online bettors.

In this sense, BetPop is perfect for those using an online sportsbook for the first time. Experienced bettors will appreciate the lack of clutter, but will miss the panache of other American sportsbooks that engage more with bettors.

But it's easy to navigate through withdrawals and payments on BetPop and payments are especially speedy compared to other flashier sportsbooks — all major pluses.

Sports Included

BetPop originally catered to a very European sports betting audience. Some of that still remains, especially in bets related to international and European football/soccer. But lately, BetPop has banked on the reinvigorated United States sports betting market.

Football, both NFL and U.S. college play, is often front and center on BetPop. It also offers a full lineup of sports that reflect the biggest U.S. leagues: basketball, hockey, and golf. Including MMA and boxing has brought BetPop up to speed with other online sportsbooks.

Major League Baseball is often a lower priority, but it does offer bets on baseball based in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan if that’s your thing (and if you are in the United States, it’s probably not). European basketball and hockey organizations are also included. There’s also rugby and e-sports covered.

Does BetPop offer wagers on the most sports? Not at all, but the biggies are covered here, as are the largest tournaments. There is definitely room for expansion, though.

Live Betting/Odds Quality

BetPop Sportsbook Live Betting

BetPop Sportsbook Live Betting screen

Live betting — placing wagers as a game or tournament is being played as opposed to before it begins — is gaining in popularity across American sportsbooks.

BetPop knows this and highlights live betting extensively. It’s one of the featured links at the top of its homepage.

It’s an area where BetPop really excels. The live betting area of the online sportsbook is well-organized, making it extremely easy to find a game offering live betting, along with the basic odd lines and points spreads that are constantly updated.

Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, and volleyball are all available.

How are the odds? BetPop is regarded highly for its fair odds both on live and traditional betting. Its odds on exotic bets, for example, are particularly good.

Mobile Betting

Using BetPop’s mobile platform is very similar to its web platform: same design, same features, same types of bets. It does a good job, however, of optimizing the site for a variety of devices, including a tablet or cell phone.

Betting is non-glitchy and collecting your winnings is easy on the mobile site, which some other sportsbooks struggle with.

It also includes most of the types of bets you can take advantage of on the web. BetPop’s non-fussy approach to online sports betting means it adapts well to mobile.

BetPop Bonuses

BetPop Sportsbook Promotions

There's a great range of BetPop Sportsbook Promotions on offer to suit all players.

An array of promotions and bonuses are a major draw at BetPop.

Many of them are especially lucrative and unique, including a 50% free play on initial deposits ranging from $100 to $1,000 and a 20% free play on subsequent (or reload) deposits from $100 to $2,000.

We particularly like BetPop’s “buddy referral” promotion, where you earn several cash bonuses just for sending someone to sign up for the site.

Beyond that, bonuses are plentiful, including contests related to such events as Monday Night Football and NCAA’s March Madness.

There are also several avenues to receive free payouts, including using cryptocurrency and if you have four consecutive weeks of bets. That’s a bonus gift that keeps on giving.

The Bottom Line

While it may lack some of the bells and whistles of other United States online sportsbooks, BetPop admirably continues its two-decade legacy of straightforward betting, wagers, and bonuses that have kept bettors happy.

Great for those new to betting as well as those more experienced with sportsbooks, BetPop remains a solid choice for Americans eager to place their online bets with ease.

BetPop Sportsbook Review: FAQ's

Who owns is operated by the YouWager Network. Founded in 1999, YouWager specialized in general casino-style betting but has recently focused on sports betting, greatly expanding the sports and tournaments available on its sites over the past few years to accommodate a widening global audience. is the company’s main site, but it also operates Wager7, DiscountWager, and Achau Bet in addition to BetPop, which was created in 2004.

Is BetPop legit?

BetPop is a legal platform for casino-style games and sports betting in America and Canada, but it operates a bit differently than other American sportsbooks you may have used before.

YouWager is based in Costa Rica, where it holds a gaming license, and the Costa Rica Commerce Industry Ministry oversees the company’s operations. That means BetPop can accept bets globally.

Is there BetPop Poker?

Yes, and it’s an active community. Players can join in on BetPop Poker on a desktop and mobile device, and the poker room has improved its design and ease of use in recent years.

There are also a variety of games to choose from and the payouts are particularly fast. You can use a BetPop Sportsbook account/password to access BetPop Poker and when you join a poker table, you can use the balance available on your sportsbook account.

What are my options for deposits and payouts on BetPop?

Along with cryptocurrencies, which you cannot find as an option on many other U.S. online sportsbooks, BetPop offers most of the traditional options for deposits and payouts.

Deposits can be made with various forms of credit or debit cards and withdrawal methods include e-check, cards, check, and bank wire.

How is BetPop’s customer support?

It’s pretty top-notch and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach BetPop via phone or email with support issues, and it also has a dedicated, content-rich support help page.


BetPop Bitcoin Sportsbook

50% Free Play on Deposits of $100 - $1000

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Minimum Deposit of $100 is required to qualify for this bonus.
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$500 max bonus given.
Take out your winnings at any time when depositing with cash. The rollover must be completed before cashing out when depositing with a non cash method.
Bonus or promotions can only be claimed at the time of the deposit.
Once taken players cannot refund or reverse this promotion until terms and conditions have been met.
All Free play and other bonus rules apply.

Management reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion at their discretion.

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