Achaubet Review

Welcome to our Achaubet review. A sportsbook that caters to to USA, Vietmanese and Chinese players – read on to discover more and what free play bonuses you can cash in.

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The world of online sports betting is rapidly expanding. Punters can place wagers on various sports markets, including professional sports leagues, horse racing, and other spheres.

If you’re new to sports betting or just want to find the right sportsbook, you should consider Achaubet Sportsbook.

Achaubet Review

This online operator features exciting bonuses, promos, and major sports markets. Below, we’ll review the best of these and highlight the betting site’s features, including insight into their customer support and transaction systems. Read our Achaubet Review to learn all about Achaubet and stick around to the end to get answers to frequently asked questions.

Sports betting markets at Achaubet

One of the first things you should assess when choosing a sportsbook is whether or not it has sports markets you want to wager on. For example, if you intend to bet only on American football, then your sportsbook should have competitive odds and a variety of football betting opportunities. This is why we’ve reviewed Achaubet’s sports betting selection, to give you an idea of your options.

It seems that Achaubet doesn’t have a huge variety of sports to bet on. However, what Achaubet lacks in quantity, it seems to make up for by featuring only the most popular sports to bet on.

At Achaubet Sportsbook, players can try their hands at markets in:

  • NFL and NCAA football
  • MLB, South Korean, and Japanese baseball
  • NBA, European, Brazilian, Japanese, and several other international basketball markets
  • NHL, Finnish, and Danish hockey
  • UFC and PFL MMA
  • Men’s boxing
  • Men’s and women’s tennis
  • Men’s golf
  • European soccer
  • Soccer of the Americas

One downside to this selection of sports is that it is big on men’s sports leagues, but not so much on women’s sports leagues. Achaubet doesn’t feature the WNBA, women’s golf, or women’s boxing alongside their male counterparts.

Further, Achaubet seems to be lacking in terms of unique and obscure sports you’d find at other sites, such as darts, water sports, auto racing, and others.

If you're looking for that flashy list of dozens of sports to bet on, you might consider a different sports betting site.

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Types of bets you can place

You do have a pretty decent variety of bets you can place at Achaubet, although it simply doesn’t compare to other sportsbooks online.

When it comes to major sports like football, basketball, and soccer, you have your basic money lines, spreads, and totals. Baseball betting also presents opportunities for run line bets.

The site does also advertise a Parlay Calculator and “Build Your Player Props” in the sportsbook.

Therefore, you have some markets for propositions and multi-bets. You can also place futures, teasers, and odd/even bets on certain markets at this sportsbook. And of course, Achaubet features live betting, which is perhaps its most exciting wagering offer for most players.

Achaubet Sportsbook bonuses and promotions

Achaubet Sportsbook bonuses and promotions

Any online sportsbook worth joining should have decent bonuses and promotional offers.

Achaubet bonuses

Based on our research, Achaubet Sportsbook features three main bonus offers:

  • Initial Deposits Bonus – 100% free play on crypto deposits from $100 – $300, OR 50% free play on crypto deposits from $100 – $1000, OR 50% free play on deposits from $100 – $1000, OR 10% cash on deposits from $100 – $1000
  • Reload Deposits Bonus – 35% free play reloads Monday – Thursday, AND 30% free play on crypto deposits from $50 – $2000, AND 20% free play on deposits from $100 – $2000, AND 10% cash bonus on deposits from $100 – $2000
  • Net Loss Bonus – 15% net loss bonus free play OR 25% net loss bonus free play

While these bonus offers are certainly tempting, it’s important to note that the minimum deposit amount for each of them is set quite high. The lowest minimum deposit is still $100, and the Net Loss Bonus has a whopping $500 deposit minimum for eligibility.

The deposit requirements are quite high compared to the maximum value of the bonuses (about $400-$500 max bonus). This is something to keep in mind; these bonuses might not be great for beginners.

Furthermore, the Initial Deposits and Reload Deposits Bonuses both have hefty rollover requirements (10X and 4.5X respectively). This means that you can't actually receive any bonus money until you've met these wagering requirements.

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Achaubet promotions

Achaubet Sportsbook also features a Buddy Referral program as a promotion. Players can earn up to 50%-100% free play up to $200 if your buddy uses your referral link when creating their new account.

There are three tiers to this promotion: Bronze (refer 1-3 friends and get a 50% free play), Silver (refer 4-5 friends and get a 75% free play), and Gold (refer at least 6 friends and get a 100% free play).

You can also avail a nice free payout promotion. This promo entails a free payout if you place a bet once a week for four consecutive weeks. Note, however, that there is a catch to this promo.

You can’t have already paid out in the last 30 days. So, is this promo worth your while? We think that it could be a good offer for new bettors since you aren’t going to be cashing out very often to begin with. The promo is at least good for your first payout, eliminating added fees.

And finally, there is the Bad Beat Special promotion, which you qualify for if you've lost two straight wagers in the last 30 days by a half point. This promo is only for NFL and NCAA football or NCAA and NBA basketball.

Achaubet Review – best features

Now that you’re aware of Achaubet’s bonus offers, you should familiarize yourself with the site’s best features.

Our Achaubet Review examines the withdrawal/deposit setup, customer support system, live betting, and other features, and we share with you our findings.

Banking options

Achaubet Banking

A sportsbook’s banking methods determine whether or not you can wager, in many cases. For example, if you’re only willing to deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrencies, then you must find a sportsbook that uses crypto methods. Or, if you want a sportsbook with little to no fees on transactions, you should check the site’s banking terms.

At the Achaubet Sportsbook cashier, bettors have the option of a few traditional deposit/payout methods (credit/debit cards for deposits and checks/e-checks for payouts), as well as cryptocurrency methods. One big perk to note at Achaubet is that crypto payouts are always going to be free.

However, there are some downsides to the Achaubet cashier. Namely, you are very limited in terms of traditional deposit/payout methods. Credit and debit deposits have rollover requirements and some transaction fees. Further, traditional payouts are very slow, taking up to 5-6 days to process in general.

Achaubet is really a sportsbook that favors cryptocurrency users since you have extensive crypto options:

  • BitCoin
  • LiteCoin
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • ETC
  • Paxos
  • Zero
  • Stellar
  • Tether
  • Qtum
  • RLC
  • Zcash

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Customer support

Customer support is equally important at sports betting sites. At Achaubet, we think that the customer support is a bit meager. There is a slightly archaic online betting help page, where you can get answers to FAQs. However, there doesn’t seem to be a proper live chat function for direct support.

They do claim to offer 24/7 customer support, but if you want to reach an agent, you have to call a phone line that only caters to English and Chinese speakers.

Site features

Among the best site features, we found live betting, the parlay calculator, and the make your own player props feature the most impressive. Live betting is essentially in-game wagering, where you can place a bet even after a sports event has started. As long as you wager before the event ends, you can get a last chance to try at the market.

On Achaubet’s site, they mention live betting rules for American football, baseball, basketball, boxing, Australian Rules, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, rugby, volleyball, and cricket. This means that you may have access to more sports markets besides the featured ones at different times of the year.

The parlay calculator is a nice perk of Achaubet as well. You can combine up to four lines in a combination bet with this calculator, which is easy to use on the site interface. The benefits of parlay calculators include speed (a quick way to make a bet) and random qualities.

And finally, the build your own player props feature is a great feature for beginner and veteran bettors alike. Prop bets are more user-friendly and don’t require a ton of expertise. Because of this, using the site’s Prop Builder function is an easy way to place these wagers.

Achaubet Review – Conclusion

Overall, we think that Achaubet Sportsbook is a good online operator, but not necessarily for beginners.

Even the bonus offers at this sportsbook require a good deal of investment upfront. Furthermore, this is not the best sportsbook for those who don’t intend to deposit and payout with cryptocurrencies.

The sports betting markets are decent, and the site features and promotions present exciting opportunities to try Bitcoin sports betting at Achaubet.

FAQ's about Achaubet Sportsbook online

Is Achaubet legit?

Yes, however, it is not one of the major licensed operators in the US, such as BetMGM or Fanduel, for example. This means it’s potentially not as safe to use.

Achaubet claims to keep customers’ personal data internally safe and confidential, and they only let you bet if you’re at least 18 years old.

However, note that you cannot hold Achaubet responsible if someone fraudulently accesses and uses your account.

Who owns

There is a company called YouWager, which appears to own Achaubet Sportsbook. YouWager falls under the FF Group (Folli Follie).

Is there an Achaubet app?

No, Achaubet Sportsbook does not appear to have any official sports wagering apps in either major app store.

However, players can access the full sports betting site from a mobile device, such as a smartphone. You can have mobile access to betting markets and wagering functions there.

Where to find the Achaubet login

You can’t log in to Achaubet Sportsbook online until you have registered a player account with the sportsbook.

Once you’re registered, you can log in by simply visiting the homepage at There, you’ll find a login box where you can enter your unique account number and the password you created.

What is the Achaubet phone number?

Given that the main form of direct customer support at Achaubet is via telephone, you’ll want to have their numbers on hand.

To contact Achaubet’s main telephone line, you can call 877-843-8238.

To contact Achaubet Chinese, you can call 877-888-8098.

And to contact their auxiliary, you can call 800-341-2915.


Achaubet Review

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