Ryan Shazier Deadlifting Is Both Sad and Inspiring

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Almost exactly one year ago, Ryan Shazier's lower body went limp after he suffered a scary spinal injury while making a tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A few months later, he was spotted in a wheelchair on the sideline of the Steelers' facility.

On Thursday, a video of Shazier deadlifting popped up on social media. The video is absurd, inspiring and tragic. The fact that he has come this far is remarkable and incredible, considering a doctor said he may never play football again. And yet, it's a brutal reminder of what Shazier was before his injury: one of the most promising linebackers in the NFL. He's re-learning to walk and re-learning to lift weights, just two years after beating Antonio Brown in a footrace.

As a point of reference, this is a video of Shazier on Oct. 14.

After suffering what the team called a spinal contusion on Dec. 4, he underwent spinal stabilization surgery on Dec. 6. With the hopes of returning to the NFL, Shazier has undergone rigorous rehab.

Original source: https://thebiglead.com/2018/12/06/ryan-shazier-deadlifting-is-both-sad-and-inspiring/

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