Rams Assistant Coach Called Tom Brady “A F—ing Pretty Boy” Before Super Bowl

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NFL Films mic'd up every remotely important person during Super Bowl LIII to capture the mood through sound. The result is an excellent 41-minute video. New England Patriots fans can cherish it forever. Los Angeles Rams fans … not so much.

But one has to feel particularly bad for Rams assistant linebackers coach Chris Shula, a guy most people don't really know about outside the famous familial name.

He made what appears to be an offhand comment about Tom Brady pregame that made the cut and, in retrospect, doesn't look great.”

“Brady’s a f—ing pretty boy,” Shula said in the presence of Sean McVay. McVay, perhaps remembering he was being recorded, responded:

“He looks like what you're supposed to, right?”

There are bigger insults than saying a man is pretty, but the good people of New England are passionate about taking the smallest perceived slights and making them international incidents. And any bit of trash-talking always looks terrible in retrospect when it comes from the losing team.

The only way out of this for Shula now is to say he was just quoting Newman. No one can be mad about a Seinfeld reference. It's one of society's binding rules.

Original source: https://thebiglead.com/2019/02/09/chris-shula-tom-brady-pretty-boy/

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