Cryptic-Tweeting Le’Veon Bell Has Entered the Upside-Down

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There were few things more important at Michigan State University during the early 2000s as AOL Instant Messenger. I can't speak about the popularity during Le'Veon Bell's time in East Lansing. I can tell you with decent confidence that he would have brought the heat in the Away Message department.

The three-time Pro Bowler is back in Pittsburgh but has yet to meet with the Steelers. Will he meet with the Steelers? What's going on? Allow his cryptic message to serve as an answer — or a chance to ask more questions.

We need Robert Graysmith on the case and quick. This code must be cracked.

Your interpretation is as good as the next person's. Looking at this is sort of a Rorschach tests. Different things to different people. Perhaps we can all agree that this is far more normal than that font Cam Newton uses.

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