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Updated: May 27, 2023

College basketball is officially getting crazy.

The 2019 March Madness tournament is here, and just about every diehard fan of basketball has been filling out their March Madness brackets.

It’s unlikely anybody actually gets their entire bracket correct, but it’s still one of the most engaging fan-centric activities in all of sports, and it always has a chance to be profitable.

While shooting for perfection via the perfect bracket is never going to go away, the smarter thing to do in terms of where your effort and money is going is betting on March Madness from a more general perspective.

That includes predicting the ultimate champion, Final Four wagers, individual March Madness betting in games, and also whatever NCAA March Madness 2021 prop bets the top college basketball betting sites issue.

As important as it is to do your best to accurately peg all of these NCAA men’s tournament betting markets, it’s just as crucial to make sure WHERE you’re placing these bets can be trusted.

More specifically, if you convert some of these bets into some serious coin, you’ll actually see that money and get it in your pocket in a timely manner.

To gauge that, join me on a journey through the 2019 March Madness tournament from a betting point of view, with an eye on maximizing your profits and making sure you pick the right site to bet at. Our top priorities here are speed of the payouts and safety.

Which March Madness Betting Sites Have the Fastest Payouts?

Before you look at the teams, a good thing to do is figure out which sites can be trusted and will also pay out your winnings in a timely manner.

Whether you bet on a game today or wait weeks to see if your future/prop bet converts, you want your winnings pretty quickly.

It doesn’t always move at the snap of a finger, but the sharpest offshore sportsbooks are going to process things in a timely manner and make sure you get your cash.

Figuring out definitively which March Madness betting sites have the fastest payments isn’t always easy.

For one, a lot of sites can have issues with processors, specific payment types can run into hiccups, withdrawal timing can be tricky, and user feedback can differ based on experience.

It should go without saying that if you try to withdraw a boatload of cash at a very busy time of year, you probably can’t anticipate the fastest March Madness payout speeds you’ve ever seen.

So, trying to be as realistic and understanding as possible, we can gauge how things will operate based on how payout speeds have looked in the past.

Here’s a quick breakdown of my personal top four March Madness betting sites, what the top withdrawal methods have been, and what kind of payout speeds bettors should brace for. Note that these are all USA-friendly online sportsbooks.

Betting Site Top Payout Method Secondary Method Payout Speed
Bovada Bitcoin Check 24 hours or less, 1-2 weeks
MyBookie Bitcoin Wire Transfer 24-48 hours, 1 week or less Bitcoin Money Order 48 hours or less, 1-2 weeks
BetOnline Bitcoin Money Order 48 hours or less, 1-2 weeks

Fastest-Paying March Madness Betting Site

The winner here is Regardless of which NCAA tournament betting websites you seek out, I doubt many will end up being much faster.

Like most sites these days, Bovada (and everyone listed here) offers bitcoin sports betting and pushes it as the top deposit and withdrawal method. It’s ridiculously popular, safe, easy, and also happens to be super-fast.

That doesn’t change at Bovada, where it’s the payout method of choice and has users routinely reporting received payments the very day they process the order — if not mere hours.

If you just want THE fastest March Madness site based on payout speed, the top call is Bovada. But, really, these options are all very good.

They all offer Bitcoin, and that’s ideally the payout method you’re using every single time. If you need to pick a secondary method, it’s between using a check at Bovada or trying a wire transfer at My Bookie.

Remember, this is based purely on betting from the US. In most other countries, the majority of the options available to you will pay out pretty quickly. You still need to be careful where you bet, though, so non-Americans should refer to our complete list of recommended March Madness betting sites.

Which Withdrawal Method Works the Best?

If it didn’t feel like I touched on it already, the answer is Bitcoin, and it’s pretty emphatic.

There are other cryptocurrencies out there, but none really touch Bitcoin right now. That is admittedly a fluid topic for another day, but Bitcoin has risen, fallen, and risen again.

Bitcoin is the cream of the crop if you’re looking for the fastest payout methods at March Madness betting sites, but don’t be afraid of using checks in the right spots. That’s specifically going to be just fine at Bovada (maybe a 1-2 week wait at the most), and you can use checks at other websites, too.

Ideally, however, you’re betting at Bovada and using Bitcoin. If you can use Bitcoin, pretty much no matter where you bet on March Madness, that’s going to be the fastest option.

Where Should You Bet on March Madness in 2019?

Speed is not the only factor you should consider. Anything related to sports betting and risking your cash online is going to come down to comfort and personal preference.

I do tend to think any decision as to where you’re going to bet on sports should start with the types of wagers and odds you’re looking for, but the most important aspect always needs to be whether or not a site is reputable.

Overall, the main criteria for picking a March Madness betting site should go as follows.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Proven track record
  • Great customer service
  • Elite bonuses and promotions – easily attained using the Bovada bonus code listings
  • Versatile wagers
  • Competitive odds
  • Numerous payment options
  • Successful and fast payouts

You can play the ranking game based on what registers as the most important for you, but the ability to come and go freely with popular deposit/withdrawal methods and knowing you’re actually going to get your cash at the end of the day is pretty vital.

Believe it or not, the comfort of knowing you’ll get your winnings (and get them quickly) is sometimes more luxury than something that is automatic in the online betting world.

The internet is full of scams and traps, so avoiding those problematic situations and choosing a site that checks all of your boxes and delivers with speed is something you want to strive for.

What Are the Safest March Madness Betting Sites?

You’re looking at them. The four sites I’ve already touched on are completely safe, and they all offer speedy and successful payouts.

Each site is different and can run into different problems, so speeds will always vary depending on how much you try to withdraw and when.

Another thing to consider is the fact that other users providing feedback can be biased. What they say online in terms of negativity or problems they’ve had generally lacks context and/or they’re doing something that is somehow impeding a speedy and successful payout.

If you follow all of the guidelines, use the appropriate payout methods, and withdraw the correct amount at a reasonable time (perhaps not the very day you win the money during a massive event), you can expect to get your winnings relatively quickly.

The quoted speeds for any of these websites are just estimates, though.

A lot of the quotes will get blown away on a regular basis — especially with Bitcoin — so it just depends on how much cash you’re trying to get out of your account, how the process was handled, and when you’re trying to do it.

Rest assured, if you’re doing what you’re supposed to and using these March Madness sportsbooks, you’re going to get your money, and it’s probably going to be delivered close to the payout speed quotes.


The whole point of this post is to look at which March Madness betting websites offer the fastest payouts in 2019.

Ultimately, I think all four sites I’ve touched on will work just fine for bettors. In fact, there’s a strong argument for having accounts at all four. There are several advantages to using multiple sportsbooks when betting on March Madness.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and enjoy the tournament!

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