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  1. Came into UConn with a newly discovered set of knee issues that plagued him for his whole time here. Good, tough kid but apparently wouldn’t have been able to walk in the future if he continued to play on them. Stays on scholarship, but no longer counts against cap, opening up a final schollie for Hurley. Could be for JuCo F Valdir Manuel though there are academic questions with him.

  2. Bummer for mama, good looks by Hurley retaining him, teaching him positive coaching, and allowing him to earn an degree, his playing career is done but hes gaining allpt of tools to have a good career, now who are we getting,Vladir?

  3. Ah that’s a bummer, I always enjoyed Diarra’s rebounding tenacity which was something we desperately needed from our bigs. Best of luck to him going forward in his coaching endeavors.

  4. Total bummer for Diarra, I envisioned him having a slight Jeff Adrien to him in his last years but unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards. I’m very happy we’re able to keep him with the team and with scholarship to finish out his education rather than pushing him out which sometimes happens

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