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  1. I don’t pay much attention to this kid but I do question the father’s intelligence…

    If I’m short and I have a short wife and am a super competitive father who is looking to force my kid into a sport…. Why the fuck did he choose basketball a sport where height is one of the largest factors? I assume he’s just going to end up being a YouTube star and maybe make it on to one of those circus teams. Honestly probably would have been a great soccer player.

  2. Being compared to Lavar is not something to be proud of. Not saying Lavar isn’t a loving father or anything, but he definitely has let his ego get in the way of his sons’ development/careers. Lonzo luckily squeaked through before all this, LiAngelo had no shot, but hopefully LaMelo can get back on track because he really has potential

  3. the exposure he gets from places like overtime is really the only reason we hear about the kid, he’s a good basketball player, but I don’t think he is ranked by 247 or anything like that, maybe wrong but I don’t think the kid can start at the division one level

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