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  1. How does he think this is gonna play out? If Zion trips and injures himself, the slow-mo clip will be replayed 1000x from every angle and the entire world will see it was your fault. Like this can only go badly for you.

  2. You would think a senior having the best scoring half of his career would be smarter. We are finally done with Howard after this season. It has been painful watching him make dipshit decisions for 4 years.

  3. I honestly don’t know why you would ever attempt that. Not only because it’s not right, but could you imagine the media if he’d injured Zion there. Lol they would’ve called for his head

  4. Boeheim’s opening statement:
    > “There was no trip involved out there. I don’t know who was talking about that but it was bunk. Trying to manufacture something out of nothing.”

    So…Boeheim is full of shit.

  5. Hey Cuse I dont hate you and the zone is actually really fucking cool because its so hard to beat at the college level. I also will be reasonable and wont think the actions of a player in a single moment define your team. Sucks he did it but no hard feelings as nothing major happen now go beat some teams in the tourney and help show the ACC is a basketball conference.

  6. I don’t like Duke either. But why are people bringing up Grayson Allen? This kid isn’t getting revenge on Allen, he’s tripping Zion? And it’s not even that egregious of an act. It’s just shitty and stupid.

  7. That Frank Howard? Looks like him.

    e: Oh yeah, that’s him. That’s… *not* what you want to see a senior doing. They’re supposed to be the ones who keep their heads and don’t do stupid bullshit.

  8. Boeheim starts his statement with: “I looked at the video and talked to Frank and there was no trip. It was a bump. There was nothing there. People trying to manufacture something.”

    UM. Ok.

  9. Flash back to Duke alumnus Jay Williams supporting Grayson Allen for tripping players left and right, yet throwing a fit over this. Can we get some announcers that aren’t total dumbasses?

  10. As a Cuse fan, I was embarrassed by this display of unsportsmanlike behavior. That said, Jay Williams needs to be consistent with his stance. It’s wrong for any player, regardless of the name on their jersey, to play dirty. I hate Duke like the rest of the world, but would never wish harm on their players. Jay needs to come out and admit he was wrong when it came to Grayson if he wants to be the ambassador on sportsmanship.

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