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29 thoughts on “…nice”

  1. purduered says:

    Did we get 80,085 snapped as well?

  2. SUPERDAN42 says:

    Heh on main page thumbnail says “69 me”

  3. [deleted] says:

    It’s so weird that we’re closing in on 1MM members but in the off-season we’re the most barren sports sub of all the bigger ones. (NBA, NFL, CFB, soccer)

  4. TIL this sub is that close to a million subs

  5. coreynj2461 says:

    Imagine if we had two six seeds and 2 nine seeds make the final 4?

  6. stahlern says:

    The thumbnail for this post is fantastic on my web browser… lol

  7. gmills87 says:

    if 9’s are the dudes, and 6’s the chicks, this graphic illustrates our community more favorably than i would have guessed. Tag teams on top of tag teams.

  8. busche916 says:

    The Capital City of Frances Alpes-Maritimes department.

  9. mcmcc says:

    Don’t mind me, just chiming in with the 69th comment…

  10. zer0_badass says:

    *Gronk has entered the chat*

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