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  1. That breaks my heart. Great kid who found his way at Michigan. I hope this doesn’t hold up his pro career for any longer than necessary.

  2. Nerd question, would the Celtics be liable for medical treatment and insurance here, or do players sign liability waivers that absolve the team from responsibility?

  3. I feel awful for the guy. Michigan wasn’t the same without him and now he has only an outside shot at a pro career.

    Here’s hoping somebody takes a chance on him. Maybe a G league contract and see if he can work his way back.

  4. Man, this sucks. He was so damn good during Michigan’s final 4 run and gave me some of my best sports memories that year. I remember MAAR broke his foot working out before the draft last year as well. Tough luck for Michigan prospects recently

  5. Hate this news. There isn’t a better leader in the draft than Charles Matthews and the guy puts 100% effort into everything he does. I’d hate to see this keep him from realizing his dream of playing in the NBA.

  6. One thing that does make me feel a little better about this is knowing he either finished or is extremely close to finishing his degree. At the very least he should have something to fall back on.

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