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  1. 1. Michigan St.
    2. Kentucky
    3. Duke
    4. Lousiville
    5. Kansas
    6. Maryland
    7. North Carolina
    7. Villanova
    9. Texas Tech
    10. Memphis
    11. Seton Hall
    12. Arizona
    12. Baylor
    14. Utah St.
    15. Virginia
    16. Gonzaga
    17. Ohio St.
    18. Florida
    19. LSU
    20. Washington
    21. Saint Mary’s
    22. VCU
    23. Xavier
    24. Auburn
    25. Creighton

    *Others receiving votes (in order):* Purdue, Davidson, Marquette, Tennessee, Florida St., Georgetown, Mississippi St., Iowa, Colorado, Michigan, Houston, Cincinnati

  2. I’m generally hesitant to have Maryland anywhere higher than the mid-teens. The talent is certainly there, I just don’t think they have the coaching to really be anything more than a Round of 32/Sweet Sixteen team.

    I also think a lot of people are slightly undervaluing North Carolina. I’d probably switch them with Louisville in most of the rankings I’ve seen, including this one.

  3. Seems high for Utah state. 20/25 range near Vcu and st Mary’s seems more reasonable.

    I know Texas tech picked up a couple transfers, but ranking them that far ahead of Virginia seems bold.

  4. If dok comes into the fall in good shape, and can stay healthy, I really think this ku team can be unstoppable. We saw what McCormack could do and we know what silvio is capable of, so long as everyone stays healthy. Should be a dang good rebounding and defensive team.

  5. I think Iowa’s inclusion comes from one ranking that had us at #16 and didn’t update when the backcourt went from two returning fourth year starters to … some guys. Could happen, but there are waaaaay too many questions to be included in a preseason ranking.

  6. Dotson – Jones

    Moss – Stanley

    Agbaji – Moore

    De Sousa – Hurt

    Udoka – Carey Jr.

    Not sure I see one position where Duke has the advantage. And Kansas has a much better bench. Champions Classic should be fun. Call me a homer, but I think we’ll beat Duke by 10, maybe more.

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