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  1. It’s probably gonna be a couple months till he commits, but its probably Memphis.

    Can any Memphis fans chime in about what your team is looking like next year? Besides obviously Wisemann and Jeffries

  2. PLEASE go to Memphis

    > “It’s going to be Kentucky, Kansas, Memphis and we took off Duke and added Texas Tech,” the elder Hampton told 247Sports.

  3. I’m going to regret saying this when he blossoms into the best player in CB next year, but I honestly don’t want another PG log jam at Kentucky next year.

    Would love to see him go to Tech.

  4. Hampton’s: we don’t mind competing for a starting job.

    Also the Hampton’s: we took Duke off the list

    All joking aside, I’m glad he’s choosing “Not Duke” as his college of choice. Part of my thinks it would have been interesting for him to commit there and see what that did the to PG/SG commits they have though.

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