2020 3* SG Justin Powell commits to Auburn

2020 3* SG Justin Powell commits to Auburn

2020 3* SG Justin Powell commits to Auburn

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5 thoughts on “2020 3* SG Justin Powell commits to Auburn”

  1. cosmo_bear says:

    Here’s my guy Justin Powell. Shootin that thing from way down town.

  2. mattscott53 says:

    Young man doesn’t have the perfect bone structure and skin tone that Bryce Brown did, but he can definitely make it rain from three

  3. KudzuKilla says:

    Here come the dominos! This 2020 class about to be hype!

    This could be the kid that drops 3s and makes the other team think twice about shading over on to some of the stars. He will be there lurking, ready to strike as soon as the other team thinks they have closed out on a bigger name guy. ”

    Also it will be quite the demographics change if we get kessler and when we say send the white bois in we mean send two our best players in to start raining 3s.

  4. Auburn is Powell’s 2nd best fit among his offers. His best fit was Virginia Tech. [His best three fits were Virginia Tech, Auburn, and Purdue.](https://hashthat.net/recruiting-data-and-analysis/2020-college-basketball-recruiting-data/justin-powell-2020-recruiting-profile-and-analytics/) He’s not a shooter, he’s a maker. This will make more of an impact on Auburn’s roster than many guys who are “better rated” on rosters that do not fit them very well. Bruce Pearl strikes again, but he would have been REALLY GOOD in Blacksburg…

    At worst, he’s Skylar McBee… which is not a terrible floor at all.

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