Best Home Poker Tables – 5 Best Tables for Home Poker Games

5 Best Home Poker Tables

Updated: May 27, 2023

Never mind best — what is it that makes a table a “poker” table?

Is it the cushiony edge for elbow- and forearm-resting? Is it the recessed drink holders? Is it the chip wells? Is it the slightly-cushioned felt that makes picking up cards and raking in pots a tactile pleasure?

Is it the fact that it can be folded up and stuffed in any closet until the next time your cousin shows up with cash money and the only type of six-pack he’ll ever possess?

Is it — is it all of these things? Why yes. Yes, it is. And thanks for asking.

Only one of the tables I’ve listed folds up for easy under-the-bed storage, by the way. Regardless of price or design, most folding tables are flimsy, and spending hours at a table fearing your cousin is going to spill his beer (again!) on the cards is just not what comes to mind when I think “best.”

I’ve also ignored reversible poker tables, mostly because I ordered one a few years ago specifically because it did not appear to be reversible (and it said nothing to indicate its reversibility).

Turns out, it was reversible. Which made the table top a bit unstable, particularly if one has relatives who enjoy leaning heavily (there is no other way to lean in my family) against any and all nearby objects.

I’ll admit that watching half-full cans of beer suddenly catapult across the living room can be entertaining af (particularly when you throw in the look of exquisite dumbfoundedness on my cousin’s face), but a real mess to clean up.

All in all, not my favorite Thanksgiving.

I’ve also eliminated the game-specific tables pitched as home poker tables, since as much as I love playing Texas hold’em, I don’t fancy dealing every hand for 12 hours, which the long, narrow design of the standard Texas hold’em table suggests (but of course, does not require).

Still, a single dealer is strongly suggested by that layout, and most home poker games I’ve sat in on tend to favor the “dealer’s choice” policy.

Besides, the poker table is often called into service for board games and the like, so a casino-style lima-bean-shaped table is not really an appropriate choice. Besides, where the heck would you put the thing?

Without further ado (mostly because I’ve run out of ado), here are my five best home poker tables.

#6 Sticks Artist-Commissioned Poker Table

Yeah, the title says “5 best choices.” Sue me. I just couldn’t in good conscience list this table among my five besties, but I also couldn’t resist not showing it to you, so let’s call this lagniappe. Here goes.

Sarah Grant founded Sticks about 25 years ago, and her stock in trade has been creating and selling objets d’art that are serviceable as furniture in anyone’s home, provided your home has room for yet another $20,000 table.

Yes, that’s what this home poker table retails for (chairs included), and even if you aren’t in the market for quite this much table (next Saturday’s Powerball drawing notwithstanding), you really should have a gander at it.

I’m not sure what house this table would work in, although I am certain its nearest cross-streets are Cheese and Kitsch.

From the six hand-made leather-upholstered chairs to the wooden table ringed with carved poker bon mots (“I need the money,” “ante up,” and “shuffle the cards” among them), this table announces to your poker buddies that you’ll be ordering the salad and insisting on separate checks on your Hooters outings for years to come.

#5 ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table

The full name for this item is “ESPN 10 Player Premium Poker Table with In-Laid LED Lights” (italics mine).

Yes, the armrest is raised, and below the edge is a string of LED lights, which makes for easy card reading. The table folds in half for easy hiding under the bed, but don’t imagine it’s portable, unless you regularly grab hundred-pound objects and run around with them, in which case, have at it, Hercules.

By the way, what you will have out-laid for this table is about $200, which is, quite frankly, the main reason it’s on this list.

Plus the fact that the LED lights are totally cool in a cheesy sort of way.

Also by the way: If you don’t care for the blue light shining on the table, you can always turn the lights off.


#4 Loft Poker Table

Just one look at the rustic wood poker tabletop supported by crisscrossing iron struts lets you know the Loft Poker Table is a manly poker table, one built by manly men for manly men.

It doesn’t come with chairs, because what kind of fancy boy needs a chair? You some kinda fancy boy?

Seriously, the Loft Poker Table does not come with matching chairs. While the Billiard Factory offers a number of styles of upholstered chairs, none matched the manliness of the Loft Poker Table, in my opinion, and besides, the prices range from $350 to $1400 per chair, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ll want to look elsewhere to find chairs to match your manly-man poker table.

Available from the Billiard Factory for about $1700 plus shipping.

#3 X2 Poker Table

I said no reversible dual-purpose tables, but I said nothing about “convertible,” did I?

It’s a truism that most homes don’t have room for a separate poker table (except maybe the garage, and that kind of defeats the purpose of a fancy poker table, doesn’t it?). Reversible tables are common, and I can speak from experience that they are unwieldy to “reverse” and not at all acceptable, quite frankly.

An excellent version of the convertible poker table is the X2 Poker Table from Discount Poker Shop.

This 72-inch oval poker table comes with a square removable dining tabletop. It is available with many options, including a cut-out in the elbow cushion for the dealer (or with no cutout). In its poker table formation, it seats eight players very comfortably, while the dining table (with its black piano gloss finish) is perfect for dinner parties of six.

The poker table features eight stainless steel cupholders (4 inches across) and numerous felt options, both in color and in pattern (subliminal poker suits, for example).

The X2 runs about $1700. Matching chairs are sold separately, with two options priced at around $200 each.

#2 Round Table

What’s not to love about a poker table the manufacturer names “Round Table”? I like this simple poker table from Gorilla Gaming because it’s, well, simple. Not a lot of frills, just a round, elbow-cushioned, felt poker table with a “zero movement pedestal base.”

The table comes in three sizes, from a 46-inch for four to six players, to a 54-inch (seats six to eight), and all the way up to a 60-inch table for those of us with eight to ten poker-playing friends. I personally wouldn’t recommend the 60-inch table. “Zero movement” or not, I find it hard to believe there wouldn’t be at least the slight chance of leaning mishaps.

I also like the simple price of $859 for the table with the few options I felt were required to make it my poker table. By the way, Gorilla Gaming doesn’t seem to care about what you sit on, so you’ll want to seek out chairs elsewhere.

Be that as it may, you can see my “Round Table” configuration (or play with your own options) by visiting Gorilla Gaming.

#1 Nighthawk Poker Table

The Nighthawk Poker Table from BBO Poker Tables is another great example of the convertible table.

Instead of a tabletop on the underside of the felted poker top (like most reversibles), the Nighthawk comes with a tabletop that sits on the poker table and can be removed at a moment’s notice for the big game.

So rather than a heads or tails poker-dining table, the Nighthawk is a high-quality round poker table with a removable tabletop provided to hide and/or protect it. Sure, dinner’s important, but nickel-dime-quarter with the usual suspects is life itself.

Deep elbow cushion runs the perimeter of the table, with a laminate “racetrack” with molded chip wells inside, as well as eight stainless steel cupholders, with the central area covered with your selected color of felt.

The 55-inch table comfortably seats eight. The default color for this wood table is black, but BBO offers a mahogany option that quite frankly looks much richer and sumptuous.

The table itself — with nothing fancy added —comes in at $1350; you’ll want to add eight matching upholstered chairs to this, of course, which will run you about $1800 more.

At this point, you might as well throw in the USB smart charger stations for each of the eight player positions (about $400). Oh, and the black gloss finish tabletop? That’s optional, which is only right, since the poker table and chairs are so fine it’s something of a shame to hide any part of them.

But if hide them you must, the dining top runs about $600 and uses wooden pegs on its underside to match up with four of the cupholders to provide stability as well as to protect the cushion and felt.

Sorry, but the dining top only comes in the default black finish, so you might want to rethink your chair selection, depending on how often you’ll be using the table for poker rather than dining and other “standard” home uses.

In any case, you can design your own dream Nighthawk configuration at the BBO Poker Tables website.

Get Your Elbows on the Table Right Now!

There you have it — a list of poker tables ranging from the preposterous to the sublime in home poker tables.

These are all designed for actual home use, and enough range in pricing and available options to make almost everybody happy (except my wife, probably, if she catches me buying another poker table).

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