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Soccer Daily Discussion – 7/2/19 (Tuesday)

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  1. As the Brasil/Argentina match creeps up in about an hour..

    I begin to question it.

    Originally, at the start of the tournament i had Brasil to win this tournament. That would suggest i believe Brasil will beat Argentina today.

    Looking at the two teams. Neither has really impressed the way we know they can. On paper, Brasil is the more talented TEAM while Argentina has the more talented individual.. even if he hasnt played like it.

    Recent history would suggest Brasil has the advantage in competitive play over Argentina.

    Factor in other things such as they will be playing tonight where they got pumped 7-1 by Germany in the WC 2014, The fact Brasil has always performed well in over all standings when hosting the WC, and the fact that Brasil has rocked their infamous blue and white kits… for those who dont know about them.. google them and their meaning. They havent worn them since and did the first game of the tournament. Definitely trying to exercise their demons.

    My thoughts? I think if Messi can be shut down.. even shadowed.. which Brasil has the players to perform that task.. i dont see where Argentina has an advantage.. i dont see them outscoring Brasil.. i definitely dont see them keeping Brasil off the score sheet.

    To me, Brasil will advance from this match and play Chile in the Copa final against the defending champions.

  2. **Brazil vs Argentina**

    Brazil/Argentina is the biggest rivalry of the soccer world, by far.
    Usually is a tough game, a lot of fouls/cards and a high temperature between the players on the field.

    So, from my point of view, this is a good game for those who wanna bet on fouls/cards market (from 1xbet)

    Brazil o16.5 fouls @1.60
    Argentina o18.5 fouls @1.84
    Over 35.5 fouls @1.76
    Over 5.5 yellow cards

    Brazil o5 corners @1.64

    And as a Brazilian, i hope Brazil 3-0, hehehe.
    Good luck everyone!

  3. Bet365 counted my “no 4th goal before 70th minute” as a loss, even though VAR overturned the goal for offsides (and the review was done before 70:00, if that matters). They’re wrong, yeah? Since there was no actual goal?

  4. All day I said I’m only taking the USA/England o2.5. It’ll be a good game, let’s play it safe.

    Then I realized I’m not betting on the Yankees, or the GSW, or the 1997 Bulls.


    USA ML -145 ? ?

  5. **Over 1 first half goal line @ 1.90**

    0 goals = Loss

    1 Goals = Refund

    2 goals = Win

    **Team News**

    England with an enforced GK change, plus 2 outfield changes. Gone 4-4-2. USA with changes, most notably Rapinoe and Mewis.

    I’ll probably wait till inplay for this. Want to see how both teams start and wait for odds to increase.

  6. Anytime scorer Alex morgan +140 Megan Rapinoe +200. Both are tied for the Golden Boot with 5 goals and today is Alex Morgan’s birthday so there’s definitely some value here

  7. USA ML
    USA/ENG O2.5
    Tunisia ML
    Ghana ML

    Parlay 5U to win 26U

    Here’s how I see it. These chicks wanna win to piss off trump and turn down the White House invite. They are also out here just swinging on teams
    Hammer it

  8. Yes there will be a penalty is +170 for USA game. Haven’t watched much of this tournament due to the awful quality of play, but whenever I glance at a game it seems they’re awarding a penalty through VAR? Anyone else noticed this trend?

  9. Wow England Backers you think USA gonna lose to England on basically the anniversary of the day the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence?

    Lmfao better think twice!

    USA! USA! USA!



    USA ML

    USA + DRAW

    Goals 2.5 Over


    USA were sloppy against Spain but bounced back and got into form against France, the home favorite. I think theyre on a mission so i think theyll win outright but if you want to play it safe take the double chance @-410.

    These are the two top scoring teams in the WC so far, England doesnt have the defense to stop every attack and USA back line has looked suspect at times. I think US wins 2-1 or 3-2. Taking the over



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