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Obviously running a book is illegal, but I have a bookie who I referred my friend to. That bookie is offering me a cut of his losses. Is taking that money just as shady

Basically a good friend of mine who's a bookie runs a PPH. I have another buddy who wanted to place some bets so I connected the 2.

I don't talk to either one of them or handle the bets. But once a week I get a ‘commission' of my friend's losses. Think a couple hundred bucks. Is this wrong?

If it is illegal has anyone actually been caught for this?

And if I stop this now am I solid? Thanks

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  1. I mean, it’s just as wrong as you taking money from gambling winnings in itself? My buddy who referred me and my other friend to his bookie gets a cut on our losses as well. I don’t see the big deal

  2. I assume you are reporting this income? No? Yea, that’s where they got ya…

    But seriously, it is a slippery slope. I don’t know the bookie & how he handles his business, but you are asking for trouble. What happens when this guy doesn’t cover a bet? Is the book maker going to come calling for you? Wise guys always have an angle.. remember that.

  3. shady and illegal are two different things. I don’t think it’s shady to get commissions on referals but you are party to a criminal activity. If there is an investigation that takes down your bookie and they find that you were profiting from the illegal activity you will be either named or formally charged in the criminal conspiracy. You’ll also be asked for info and or testimony. This may never happen to you and I don’t know what kind of bookie you’re dealing with …I had a friend go down for something similar…he ended up not being convicted of anything but having his named published in the paper with a bunch of organized crime figures and that wasn’t all that fun for him. He went from taking referals to actually having his own little cell paying up so it’s different but you’re part of the game once you’re on the other side of the table.

  4. From personal experience I would advise you not to do so. I have worked in the same role you are with a friend that is a bookie referring other friends to bet through him. Seems like a great idea at first when you’re collecting several hundred dollars a week of their losses, but it comes back to bite you in the ass when one of the bettors becomes flakey and doesn’t pay up. It was then on me to pay out of my pocket for the losses.

  5. You are not reaponsible for other peoples bets/actions. In the end your friend is betting a losing. Whether those losses go to the book or you its the same to him. If hes a great friend you can kick it back to him as well.

    In terms of legality. I wouldnt say you are doing anything illegal. You are collecting a referral fee and not running a book

  6. I did this for a while for a friend’s book. Referred 4 guys to the book before sports betting became legal in NJ. I didn’t make that much though because my friends are cheapskates and were only betting $20 a game. The uncomfortable part was collecting for the guy who ran the book. It’s not fun hounding your friends for money that they don’t have or think they can skate by thinking nothing’s gonna happen. They rarely if ever had a profitable week. They eventually stopped betting through that book once NJ legalized sports gambling.

  7. ive been going to illegal bookies since i was 16.. im 26 now. Never have i heard of someone getting a cut of someone else’s loses. Maybe your friend is betting thousands of dollars and the bookie is just thankful for you so they break you off a few bucks. Tbh, id be more concerned with why he getting me cut, thats more shady than you accepting it

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