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Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley (2/16/19)

NCAABB Daily Discussion – 3/29/19 (Friday)

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  1. Instead of running out the clock and taking a last shot to either win it or tie the game Houston drives the ball with 13 seconds left? They’ve been passing the entire game and taking shots at the end of possession but instead calls this dumbass play you could see from a mile away. Fuck outa here

  2. 0-7 betting since yesterday… have Kentucky -2…
    Regardless what happens I’m done betting until next weekend…

    BOL everyone, get that juice !

  3. Dukes got fucking Jesus on their side. That’s divine intervention after this, UCF, and Wake.

    I don’t really see Michigan State being a close one. One team rolls the other no contest.

  4. Theory: Duke finds out just before tip off that UNC just got knocked out, they’re hype, they come out firing. 3u on 1H o67.

    (Don’t tail this I’m chasing my last leg UNC ML busted parlay)

  5. Didn’t lose any money after taking Auburn 6.5 & 8.5 live so throwing everything I would’ve lost on Duke + Kentucky ml parlay. Thinking Kentucky doesn’t lose back to back in the sweet sixteen but we’ll see, Houston has looked legit

  6. Such a fucking down game for Coby White. Who else put money on him getting over 16.5 points? Subbed out ending with 15 after going 4/16 and 0/7 on 3s. Straight disappointment is all I gotta say to this one

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