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Arbitrage/Parlay/Challenge Daily - 2/13/19 (Wednesday)

NBA Daily Discussion – 3/29/19 (Friday)

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  1. **Record: 30-29-1 +0u**
    **Parlay Record: 2-4 +73.26u**

    Another day where we broke even but any day when we’re not losing money is a good day, got two games I like a lot today let’s get back in the green. All bets are to win 10u.

    **1u = 1$**

    **Yesterday’s Picks:**

    Heat -7 🚫 **LOSS -11u**

    Pistons -3.5 ✅ **WIN +10u**

    **Today’s Picks:**

    Warriors -9 -120

    Thunder -3 -120

  2. **NBA: +80.69u** (89-76-4)


    **Celtics-3 and Hawks+8** (2.5u to win 2.5u)


    ^(Disclaimer: “and” between two picks indicates a parlay/teaser. Odds are subjected to change between post and tip-off. As always, if a pick refers to 1Q, 1H, … then it’s indicated explicitly else it’s FT. GL fam.)

  3. Plays

    Portland / Atlanta over 234 (Portland 120-117)

    Denver/ OKC under 216-1/2 (Denver 107-106)


    GS / Min under 228-1/2 (GS 116-108)

    Wash / Utah over 224-1/2 (Utah 119- 108)


    CHA 115-111

    BOS 111-103



  4. alright boys haven’t touched Lakers much this year, for sure not the pain some of you have had (I legit dont think I’ve played Lakers ML at all this season) tonights my night to lose on them, lets get it.

  5. **Last Post Recap: Singles** **(*****9-6, +1.4U*****)** **Parlay(2-1, +1.3U) BBDLS** (*0-2, -2U)*

    **Recap**: Pretty good overall day. Would have been much better if I didnt add in the last singles play but I was happy with the pick. Today’s analysis might be brief, I am headed to GN for the day to put in another long session. Lets see if we can find any value real quick 😀



    **IND/BOS:** IND is 4-8 this month. 4-0 at home and 8-0 OTR, coming off a loss. Outside of beating the warriors the Celtics have lost to good teams and beaten only poor teams this month. This should be a good matchup. It looks like Vegas is in favor of BOS because 6.5 is a lot in a game with both teams having much slower pos and pace than league average. Also, Kyrie and Horford both have the Q tag, but the line remains in BOS advantage.

    **POR/ATL:** POR lost CJM and Nurisk recently but are riding a 5 game win streak. ATL is riding high with 3 straight wins, two over top playoff teams. These teams have both been hot and I would look for a ton of props in this one. ATL offense has been on fire lately so Ill probably stay away from the spread. He didnt reach both totals last game but I feel like Kanter may finally get the start and minutes uptick. Ill probably look his way again.

    **GS/MIN:** GS has won back to back and seems to be sliding into playoff form. MIN has lost 3 of 4 and is clinging on to the play of KAT. This is a biggg movement for me as I have GS closer to 2/3 Pt favorites. So either vegas is predicting GS blowout or they are charging bettors b/c GS is the better team. These two did just play this same spot a few games ago and GS won by 10.

    **DEN/OKC:** DEN is 4-4 OTR this month. Thunder coming off a crucial home win after going 0 for 3 in their last 3 home games. PG is questionable but will probably play. DEN is on a b2b but they have won all 3 meetings this season.

    **WAS/UTH:** WAS finally got a win after losing 5 straight. UTH has been comfortably rolling recently with wins in 8 of 9. Id say Jazz get the easy W here and eliminate WAS from the playoffs.

    **CHA/LAL:** CHA has wins in their last 4 games. LA was crushed by the Jazz but won their two prior games. I know I said I was going to fade LA for the rest of the season, but I might have to go back on that. Bron is probably back from a day of rest. CHA might be over valued to LAs undervalue based on 1 week results. LA backups have been stepping up recently and with a full bron this could be an LA upset. They are playing with no pressure right now so I may hop back on the LA train for a few more rides before the season closes 😛

    **Today’s Singles (Overall Total: 210-196-2, +57.03U)**

    * **ALL bets posted in** r/CreateYoureReality **daily.**

  6. Small but perfect night. Let’s keep it rolling tonight.

    **MODEL RECORD: 53-28-2**


    Yesterday’s Record: 2-0-0

    * ORL vs DET – DET – 3.5 **(W)**
    * DEN vs HOU – HOU – 5.0 **(W)**


    **Today’s Optimized Picks:**

    * IND vs BOS – **IND + 7.0**
    * *May just stick to the NCAA games unless anything else sticks out*



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    *As well, since I’m a college student who has put a ton of time into building this model and providing free picks, if I’ve helped you win and you’d like to donate:*

    * BTC address is: 1E8JYnzakWkKH5ZroQEwGHDuwxmSmzpAKR
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    *Anything is extremely appreciated and helps, but is by no means necessary! BOL to all!*

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