Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley (2/16/19)

NBA Daily Discussion – 3/26/19 (Tuesday)

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  1. **Over/Under** Model. ***Profit = 0.74u*** (Assuming all bets are made at -108 odds)

    Record (W-L-P) = 12-10-0

    **3/26 Picks Yesterday : -5.14u**

    1u Celtics/Cavaliers o216.5 – W

    1u Magic/Heat o205 – L

    3u Rocket/Bucks o224 – L (WOW)

    1u Hawks/Pelicans u242 – L

    2u Pistons/Nuggets o211.5 – L

    1u Wizards/Lakers u236.5 – W

    **3/27 Picks Today :**

    1u Warriors/Grizzlies o217

    1u Pacers/Thunder u217

    1u Lakers/Jazz o217

    What a terrible day yesterday, a lot of teams doing atypical shit. Let’s see if today we get back to trend.

    *[Spreadsheet Record](*

  2. Good god, not watching the game but watching the play by play on ESPN…. every single possession for the past 3-4 possessions just goes like this:

    Pelicans bad pass
    Pelicans bad pass
    Pelicans bad pass

    Is it really that ugly? Or is there more to it.

  3. i swear atlanta is trying to give away the game. 2 minutes left in the game with a comfortable lead yet they choose to jack up awful shots and attempt alley oops with 20 seconds left on the shot clock?? for fucks sake just slow it down and run a proper play

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