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Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley (2/16/19)

NBA Daily Discussion – 2/10/19 (Sunday)

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  1. Should we just go ahead and take a future bet on sixers winning the east? I like h bucks but they are all giannis. Without him theyget blown out by freaking orlando. Celtics cant get their act together. Toronto i still cant gauge them so ill take a flier hedge bet on them. Tobias harris made these guys legit with 4 all star starters

  2. Missed my sons birthday party watching the sixers at the casino, is it a problem that I’m not mad, and more happy to be up 6 units… he’ll have plenty more birthdays

  3. Orlando is actually pushing for a playoff spot. They traded for Fultz for a reason. They arent too much concerned with tanking this season. Plus they are in danger of losing Vuc next year. I really like them in this spot.

  4. **Atlanta Hawks -2**

    LOVE this spot for Atlanta. Orlando is coming off a huge win against Milwaukee last night and has to travel to ATL for the second leg of a B2B. Orlando is a young team, which means they are more prone to a letdown spot compared to veteran teams. Playing the Hawks after such a big win last night screams letdown.

  5. Successful debut yesterday.

    Record 2-0

    Yesterdays results

    Magic +6.5, 2.5 units – $1.87 odds – Profit $217.50

    Hornets -1.5, .5 units – $1.87 odds – Profit $43.50

    Todays picks

    GSW/Miami – Under 222.5 – 1 unit @ $1.91

    Certainly fearful GSW will turn the points on and that is very possible, but happy to have a small flutter for the day. (I slept through the early games of the day so didn’t get to my data on them).

    GL team



  6. Something something ATL night life off a big win isn’t going to go well with Orlando. ATL unpredictable as shit. Fuck I want to go Orlando soooo bad but fuck. I’d rather take Heat +14

    Edit: ORLANDO ML +100

  7. You guys think PHX finally gets a W today? Played solid vs GS the other night plus they get Booker back tonight… thinking of hammering PHX ML parlayed with Orlando

  8. Been trying to quit gambling for some time now. Finally just started giving picks to a good friend of mine and watching him win money has filled my urge to gamble. Soooo been on a little streak and figured if I can help people win money by fading or tailing me why not. Win lose draw. Ima start posting on here. Thanks for reading. Gona track as if every bet is to win $100.

    Record 0-0 +/- $0

    Hawks/magic over 223

    Hawks -1.5

    Warriors over 221

  9. Well, I definitely couldn’t have predicted 9 points in the 4th quarter for Portland. Looks like complete collapses in the 4th are the hottest thing in the NBA right now. Pretty frustrating…

  10. **Overall Season Record 272-312 (-65.67)**
    Average Line: +104 odds

    *ATS Model 176-187 (First Half’s and Full)*

    *Over Model 22-34*

    *Under Model 58-46*

    *Parlays 10-27*

    *ML Dogs Model 6-10*

    *Teasers 0-1*

    Plus or minus units from the last 7 days:
    **[** S, **M-, T+, W-, T+, F-, S-]**

    Yesterday’s Picks: (-2.07u)

    2u NOP at **MEM -1.5** (-110) *First Half* **Loss** 📕

    2u OKC at **HOU -1.5** (-105) *First Half* **Win** 📗

    1.5u **SAS +7**at UTA (-125) *Full Game* **Loss** 📕

    2u **CHA -2** at ATL (-105) *Full Game* **Win** 📗

    3.68u **ML Parlay: CHA ML, HOU ML** (+184) (Risk 2 unit) **Loss** 📕

    Today’s Picks:

    2.5u **ORL +1.5** at ATL (-105) *Full Game*

    2u POR at **DAL +3** (-105) *Full Game*

    1.5u LAL at **PHI -6** (-125) *Full Game*

    1.5u **PHX +10** at SAC (-125) *Full Game*

    2u POR at DAL **u219.5** (-105) *Full Game*

    2u LAL at PHI **u235.5** (-105) *Full Game*

    4.72u **ML Parlay: DAL ML, PHI ML, ORL ML** (+472) (Risk 1 unit)


  11. Long time follower, have never posted.

    I’ve been trying something new lately that has been pretty successful so I wanted to start posting and share with the group even though I know how this group feels about buying points and parlays. I start by looking at the slate of games for the day, do my homework and find 2 spreads I like. I then take alternate lines on those games to give me cushion and extra points and parlay them together to get it to 1:1 odds.


    Today’s picks – **1u to win 1u parlayed**:

    **Portland +2.5**

    **Lakers +12.5**


    Feel free to provide your thoughts and feedback. BOL

  12. **NBA: +82.34u** (67-52-4)

    +31.68u in January.


    **76ers-3 and Hawks+8** (5u to win 4.2u)


    ^(Disclaimer: “and” between two picks indicates a parlay/teaser. Odds are subjected to change between post and tip-off. As always, if a pick refers to 1Q, 1H, … then it’s indicated explicitly else it’s FT. GL fam)

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