Pick of the Day - 2/15/19 (Friday)

MLB Daily Discussion – 3/28/19 (Thursday)

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  1. Hit a nice parlay of Mets, Yanks, Brewers, Phillies, Astros, and Rockies all ML…. Thanks for all your input, it helped in making my decisions


  2. It’s that time of the season boys BOL wish I could’ve posted my wins for opening season oh well


    Bos ML -236 (3u)

    Bos RL -1.5 (2u)

    Good luck and let’s make some bank⚾️??

    LOL The irony I post picks and get downed ITS OK I see a win win GOOD LUCK

  3. Anyone know if the Royals game will be played? I went big on the grand salami under 124.5 and it can’t lose unless a game is postponed, then it’s a push.

  4. C’mon Yankees, get one more RBI in there!!!


    **STRAIGHT BET** **to win $9,009.01**

    Placed 03/28/2019 @ 11:32 AM

    **Risk: $10,000.00** **- Win: P9,009.01**

    TOTAL o8½-111 (Baltimore Orioles vrs New York Yankees) – ( A Cashner – R / M Tanaka – R )

    Game Start 03/28/2019 @ 01:05 PM

    Ticket # 399501660


  5. Have a theory that baseball gives you the best value betting on underdogs. Kept track of spring training games, only betting on ~+130 odds or better, and finished up about 14 units. I know its spring training and the athletes give less of a shit than they do playing the NIT, but I think while more favorites will win in the regular season, you will also get better odds on underdogs. I have the google excel sheet if anyone is interested in looking (and can tell me how to share it…)


    Anyway, todays pick:


    Atlanta ML +165

  6. Last pick:

    – Mariners @ 2.05 (0.5u) ✅

    Next pick:

    – O’s v Yankees – u8.5 @ 1.95 (1u) ❌
    – Cardinals @ 1.95 (0.5u) ❌
    – Braves v Phillies – o8 @ 1.86 (1u) ✅

    2-0 (+1.36u)

  7. 0-0 Yankees

    ML -360 (2U)

    Mets ML +105 (1U)

    Will update through the day

    2:26 update Phillies ML -190 (1U)

    Cubs ML -115 (1U)

    Astros ML -125(1U)

    Padres ML -135 (1U)

    Rockies ML -135 (1U)


    5:32 Update

    Red Sox ML -200(1U)

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