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  1. [CS:GO] Day 1 of ESL One was pretty harsh for me and my bets. Hopefully we can fix it with Day 2 bets:

    Astralis – Fnatic: Astralis -1.5, 1.61 @ BetOnBit

    mousesports – FaZe: FaZe +1.5, 1.53 @ BetOnBit

    Natus Vincere – FURIA: Natus Vincere -1.5, 2.22 @ BetOnBit

    NiP – Heroic: Over 2.5, 2.02 @ BetOnBit

    All matches are BO3. Betting risk: very high. Be careful, those matches are so hard for bet, risk is very high, but reward / payment is too because of decent odds. Play safe on ML winners if you can’t risk to go for this bets.

    GL all!

    PM me for discord / google sheet / twitter.

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