esports Daily Discussion – 7/1/19 (Monday)

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5 thoughts on “esports Daily Discussion – 7/1/19 (Monday)”

  1. Edelhustler says:

    Record since 1.7.19
    0-0-0 W-P-L

    Nemiga vs Epsilon (CS:GO)
    Nemiga ML @1.75


  2. rand1919 says:

    [CS:GO] 4 bet win streak. Let’s continue today with 2 bets.

    Aristocracy – forZe: forZe ML, 1.60 @ BetOnBit

    Nemiga – Epsilon: Nemiga ML, 1.65 @ BetOnBit

    Both matches are BO3. Betting risk: normal. Went for the possible winners.

    GL all!

  3. Always_Correct_Gifs says:

    Spear Gaming @ 1.70 3u (CK)

    A little break week for League, just the East Leagues played this week that I put $$$ on (other than 1 TSM game :/)

    So far this season the model is **27-20 +14.339u**

    Not sure about my gut picks in LOL, but those are also in the green as well. (Rough guess in looking in the past would be maybe +15u)


    Follow me on Twitter @ACGBETS

    Also if there is any interest, I may be starting up a Discord where I will post all my CSGO, LOL, Overwatch, and Dota picks. It’s just quicker that way and it isn’t blocked at work, so it’ll work better than Twitter. Let me know if anyone wants me to get one going and I’ll start one up tomorrow.

    Also would be interestedin adding some other LOL bettors, so all picks can go into one place that can be updated ASAP and notifications appear. If anyone is interested just PM me here or Twitter and we can get something started.

  4. AlexisMapaches says:

    **LoL Model 2 – 2 ($215 to $1,000 goal)**

    I ended up the day with a $15 profit or 6U, I have to say that I overestimated or underestimated some teams of the LLA, but also I guess I learned too much of the teams and next weekend I hope to be sharing big bets (my goal is to get $1k, so at some point I’ll be making bets of $100 or $50).

    There’s too much action for Monday, during the day I’ll be sharing picks for you if you are interested. I’ll try to write my arguments for my picks too.

    Feel free to ask if you have a doubt about, I’ll be pleased to answer.

    **CK (Champions Korea)**

    – **MVP ML** (MVP vs Spear Gaming) + **Brion Blade +1.5 maps** (Brion Blade vs Team Dynamics) @3.43 6U
    *(I’m gonna risk my $15 profit)*

    The only reason of why MVP pays more than Spear is because Spear has played 6 games, while MVP has 5, honestly both team suck, but MVP sucks a little less, they have played some good match against the strong teams of the league.

    Same happens with Brion Blade, both teams sucks but here I’m not quite sure who’s gonna win, the thing is statistics say Brion Blade takes at least one map in the 66% of cases.

    If I win, prepare to risk this bet profit on the LVP.

    **LVP Superliga**

    – **Mad Lions** + **Origen BCN** + **Vodafone Giants** + **G2 Heretics (ML)** @3.13 6U

    **BRCC Winter**


    *I give my units a value of a 2.5% of my bankroll, but ofc that’s up to you. The units are based on a $215 usd bankroll*

  5. eSports_Researcher says:

    (2nd of 4 surveys) Opportunities, threats, and strategies of esports sponsorships (Only for people who watch/participate in esports) [Ends on 14 October 2019]


    Hello everyone, I am doing my PhD in marketing and I’m focusing on esports sponsorships. Until the end of 2019 I will be doing 4 different surveys on this topic. Each survey will be launched only once and on different months to avoid fatiguing the community. The only exception is the 2nd survey which will be launched a second time, one month after all 4 surveys have been launched, because I need a bigger sample for the 2nd survey.


    All surveys are anonymous and done on Google Forms (a completely safe website). The data from the surveys will be used for my PhD thesis and to develop 6 articles that will be published in scientific journals. **The participation of all esports fans is extremely important and greatly appreciated (survey is only for people who watch/participate in esports).**


    **This is the 2nd survey. It takes about 8 minutes to complete and is related to the benefits, risks, and strategies of sponsoring esports.** Here is the survey: [](


    Thank you so much in advance.

    If you are interested in easily following my next surveys (and their results) you can follow me here on Reddit or on Twitter: @EsportsAnalyses

    This survey has been approved by the kind moderators.

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