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Pick of the Day - 2/15/19 (Friday)

Created a simple and usable betting log in Google Sheets

[**Link to the Google Sheet**](

Everything in the sheet is automated except these 4 items that you will need to enter for each bet:

* Name
* Stake
* To win
* Result

**Bet Types**

If the same bet naming format is used as what’s already in the sheet, the bet “Type” column will be correctly generated. The same naming scheme applies to the right side of the sheet for the individual bets included in parlays.

* **Parlay** is the output of a bet name that includes “Parlay”
* **Prop** is the output of a name the includes “points”, “rebounds”, “assists”, or “prop”
* **ATS** is the output from “+” or “-“ followed immediately by a number
* **O/U** is the output from “o” or “u” followed immediately by a number
* **ML Fave** and **ML Dog** are the outputs from “ML”. The odds value will determine if you're betting on the favorite or underdog.


The goal is to use the same name for the bet “Name” column on the left side of the sheet and “Parlay Name” on the right side of the sheet. If the same name is used, a link will be generated over “Parlay” in the bet type column that will take you to the associated parlay on the right side of the sheet. The main parlay entry on the left side of the sheet will also read the results from its associated individual bets on the right side of the sheet. If it finds a loss for any of its bets, a loss will be recorded on the main entry. If all of its bets show wins, a win will be recorded.

**For the parlay linking to work, you will need to update the formula in cell K19 (the first cell under the bet type column) with the URL from your personal copy.** This is really easy, here’s what you need to do.

1. Create a personal copy of the sheet.
2. Copy your sheet’s URL.
3. Click into cell K19 and look at the formula. There is a URL near the beginning.
4. Paste your own URL over the URL in the formula but leave the &range= bit at the end. Then drag K19 down to any other cells below and you will be set.


**Keep the contents of L19 handy** if you want the automatic parlay win/loss functionality from above to work. You want that formula in the results column for parlays. In the sample data, if you look down the results column you can see that parlays will have that formula entered while everything else has a win or loss manually entered. When you start entering in your own data, this formula will most likely get overwritten if you aren’t paying attention. If it does get overwritten, you can come back to the shared Google Sheet and copy it in. You can also record parlay results manually but the automatic way is cool.

**Adding Other Bet Types to the Sheet**

1. Click on K19 (the first cell under the bet type column). Different strings of RegExMatch formulas are repeated several times, one for each bet type (all the hyperlink stuff is for parlays linking to the appropriate parlay on the other side of the sheet). You will need to add a new string of RegExMatch for each bet you want to add. For example, RegExMatch(D19,”BTTS”),”BTTS” or RegExMatch(D19,”Double Chance”),”Double”. The text in parenthesis is the searched term in the bet name and the following text is the generated bet type. It should be fine if you add these to the end of the whole formula before the closing parenthesis. The formula will test in the order that each RegExMatch string appears in the formula until it finds a match, so you may have to play with the order if placing a new string at the end doesn’t work. After adding the new RegEx string to cell K19, you’ll need to drag it down to the bet type cells below. You will also need to add the new RegExMatch strings to the end of cell W19 and drag those down if you want it to work on the Parlay side of the sheet as well.
2. Drag R12-Y12 down and create new rows there for what you want to add. If you click in these cells, you will see several “Prop” or whatever the bet type is in quotes. You will need to replace all of those with “BTTS” or whatever else was used for the bet type column.

**Change Log (Last update: 3/2/19)**

* Added a blank second sheet that is ready to be used
* Added Pushes to reflect $0.00
* Added Push calculations into Parlays (If a Parlay wins and has a push, the push’s odds are removed from the parlay’s total and the new winning amount is calculated)
* If a Parlay has all pushes, a push will be reflected for the main parlay entry
* Removed bets that don’t have results yet from being calculated in the overview section
* Fixed a few errors that occurred when starting with a blank sheet

If you find this sheet useful and would like to make a PayPal donation, the link is below.

[My PayPal Link]([email protected]&lc=US&item_name=Further+Development+and+Improvements&no_note=0&no_shipping=2&curency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted)

**Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and feel free to ask any questions.**


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  1. another excel knob here… how would I go about adding rows under the Betting Log section, thank you again for the hardwork in putting this together !

  2. Hey man this is really great! I’m going to use this for a long long time.

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to add a new bet type, particularly 1H spread bets because I do a fair bit of those. I’ve followed the instructions in the post but it keeps resulting in an error. I’m trying to get it to search for “1H” and having it result in a “1H ATS” bet type, because that’s the only 1H bet I make. My hypothesis as to why it won’t work was because it’s detecting the number and overriding the 1H into a basic ATS bet. I tested it on “ATL -0.5 1H vs ORL” by removing the “-0.5” and was correct because the bet type changed to 1H ATS.

    As you can probably tell I’m quite new at this so I can’t quite figure out how to write it so that I can have “ATL -0.5 1H vs ORL” appear as a 1H ATS bet type. If you have the time and any thoughts on this I’d be really grateful! Regardless, thanks for putting this together 😀

  3. Anyone else have documents that are similar to this for betting? Been looking for files like this for tracking my betting and other various informational needs. Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for this, great work! One question, my conditional formatting seems to be off. All winnings/losses in the log are showing up as dark green. It’s the same conditional formatting as your sample set, so I’m confused why that’s happening. Any thoughts? Thanks again!

  5. Great spreadsheet! Been using it for a bit now. I am getting annoyed having to scroll to the top to see my stats and current performance. Maybe add a rolling stat table? Not sure entirely how to implement that though. Great sheet none the less!

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