Brag and Bitch – 5/16/19 (Thursday)

Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley (2/16/19)

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38 thoughts on “Brag and Bitch – 5/16/19 (Thursday)”

  1. smellydragon999 says:


  2. probablyskip says:

    Restaurant staff party and buddys bday paintball yesterday, got hells weird and woke up and slammed some caesars and unloaded a bit too much on raps line and over.

    Gonna be an interesting next few hours.

  3. BorkJDissenting says:

    Im pinning that Raptors L on three people: Nick Nurse, Marc Gasol, Danny Green. How do you fuck up a 4th quarter that bad?

  4. poke_the_sm0t says:

    NHL is rigging the playoffs so hard for the Sharks. It’s getting ridiculous how many favorable questionable calls they get

  5. PaulieDubs says:

    Lost $50 on Twins and Yankees both run lines parlay to win $150.

    Lost another $50 on a 5 team parlay with the Blues as my fifth and final leg to win $500.

    Say what you want about me parlaying, I get it, but Jesus Christ… Felt like I got stabbed in the heart twice today. Taking a break from this shit.

  6. summerballer says:

    Had Raptors +7 which was looking good until Raptors decided not to score for the last 3 minutes of the game

  7. only_bad_bets says:

    Fat fingered 10u instead of 1 on a warriors and raptors teaser. Hedged with 10u on bucks -6.5 pregame. Bucks win by 8.. I win 20u… GG. Never been more lucky I was just tryna hedge ?

    So pretty much I had raps +10.5 and bucks -6.5 meaning a 7-10 point bucks win nets me almost 20units.. all from a hedge! Sometimes the stars align

  8. Sabyallday says:

    Leeds let me down for a 20$ 6 team parlay. 20$ to win 480$. Had 1 soccer, 1 basketball, and 4 baseball picks. I might be able to name 3 soccer players total. Why the hell am I even betting soccer?

  9. luvstyle1 says:

    fade the raptors in this series, they couldnt miss for 3q, lowry has the game of his life and they lose by 8. they arent shooting like this anytime soon…

  10. sonnackrm says:

    No one is going to bitch about the cubs imploding? Well I am! That suckkkked

  11. barenakedlad says:

    Did pretty well on some world championship hockey today. Put 2u on Germany ML for +190 and a parlay of Russia -7.5/Germany +1.5/Norway + Switzerland u6.5. Both hit. Germany tied it in the last couple minutes after being down 95% of the game and got the GWG in the last 30 seconds. Love it!

  12. Bammerice says:

    Thank you to Toronto for going to shit in the 4th quarter to cost me the over

  13. h0angster says:

    just hit a 9 mlb game parlay, sucks that I only threw $2.50 on it


  14. jteta12 says:

    Beat this Bad beat poker hand: curry two missed layups, Raptors tonight.


  15. NotUsedNameDamnit says:

    I hope the Twins manager shoots himself in the head. Throws his worst reliever in the 9th up four and almost blew it. How about you throw literally ANYONE else than that garbage excuse of a pitcher in.

    YES I had -1.5. That loser franchise is a JOKE

  16. rexnyc says:

    Chris Archer couldn’t have pitched the 2nd & 3rd innings during the 1st??

    oh well…

  17. mmunro21 says:

    Twins giving up 3 runs in the 9th to blow -1.5, absolutely pitiful

  18. T4kkles says:

    Decided to get back into my parlays.


    Had TB RL for an 11 team, $20 into $10k parlay. RIP 1-8. One fucking run.


    Now have a 8 team $20 into $1.5k with LAD ML left. Let’s see how this goes.

  19. weisserman says:

    Holy fuck I had a much needed great day!

    7-0-1 +7.98u!

    Also, Blues got fucked but I bet Sharks in the series, so LETS GO!!

  20. Zoap3256 says:

    Hit a nice 5 team parlay with Boston winning in Extra innings. I hedged the Rockies at +540 so ended up losing a little bit but still a solid hit overall.

  21. curryblew3-1 says:

    time to blacklist halep, this is a fkin joke how awful she plays

    parlayed verdasco win at 3.0 odds with her… im fucking done

  22. willus94 says:

    Was well on my way to losing my line bet for Kyrgios (-1.5) when he decides to flip out and throw his seat onto court, he then gets a match penalty and packs up his bag and walks off court. Money returned into account PHEW

  23. GlassCoyote says:

    Had bucks -7 as the last leg in my parlay, just finally releasing my balls back into the sack after being in my throat for the past 15 minutes

  24. cclark2156 says:

    Cubs and Red Sox please hole on

  25. jteta12 says:


  26. ArizonaOG says:

    Leeds is a dogshit.

  27. brothherr says:

    turned 100 into 500 with parlays wooooohooo shoutout to the under!!

  28. YaEverSeeAFrogKid says:

    Championship Playoff semi-final last night, Leeds Utd vs Derby County at Elland Road. Derby up 3-2, game going to extra time as is, ~20 mins to go.

    Before the red card, Leeds were 1.45 to qualify. Then a Leeds player was sent off, and the odds changed to 1.86 on either side to qualify. Derby to qualify @ 1.86 was one of the most surprising and easiest lines to bet of all time. Derby dominated the ball for the rest of the game and scored a fourth to win it in normal time. Great feeling to back one’s instinct on an incorrect line and win!

  29. edamber says:

    Wtf is Fritz doing…. cant cover +5.5

  30. Rayzax99 says:

    Took bucks ML, the under and some odd surf race in the POTD thread for a 3 way parlay.. Got 2 out of 3, but that does nothing.

  31. Huntingdon_Sucks_Dik says:

    Fuck You legia Warsaw!!!

  32. Ajmart85 says:

    Had trouble sleeping after that choke job by the Raptors. Only because I felt great about the play and put a little more than usual on it. Really annoying when you bet the right side but still lose (+7). And as a final punch in the dick…just when you think the Raptors might catch a break…Danny Green misses a flagrant foul free throw which would at worst have pushed and at best the Raptors actually cover.

  33. moerdertaktiken says:

    Up 7K on the week, after an initial deposit of $50. Placed a live bet on the blues to win after the first and second sharks goal. Would have profited another 2K, but y’all know how that ended.

  34. CafieroandMalatesta says:

    Had Kawhi over 32.5.
    He enters the 4th with 29. Finishes with 31.

  35. calchuchesta says:

    Had a crazy bad day yestserday, lost 5/6 of my plays and going to bed I saw the bucks were down like 10 and I had them +7.5. Was like god fucking dammit lost this one too. Woke up this morning and popped sportcenter on, saw the score, and yelled WTF THEY COVERED IT!? Woke my SO up an hour before she needed to but FUCK IT got a lucky one finally

  36. ChestDumper says:

    I’m 0-6 on MLB picks in the last 24 hours… Who do you want to win, I’ll fade for your benefit.

  37. lookingforone14 says:

    Did Detroit Forget they had a game today?

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